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Fleeing atrocities, Iraqi Turkmens turned away at Turkish border

Tulin Daloglu writes for al Monitor:

After 2005, when sectarian strife started to slowly rip apart Iraq, the plight of Turkmens has been the most ignored tragedy — even in Turkey. With the Islamic State (IS) taking control of Mosul and Tal Afar early June, Turkmens are once again left without support to face their own destiny.



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US officials, lawmakers clash over Iraq policy

AP reports :

Senior U.S. officials and lawmakers butted heads Wednesday over the American response to Iraq's expanding Sunni insurgency, with Republicans saying drone strikes should have been authorized months ago and even Democrats questioning the Obama administration's commitment to holding the fractured country together.

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Attack on prisoner convoy kills 60

Sinan Salaheddin reports for AP:

Gunmen attacked a prisoner convoy north of Baghdad on Thursday, setting off a gunbattle with troops in which 52 prisoners and eight soldiers were killed, officials said.

The dawn attack began with militants firing mortar rounds on Iraqi army bases in the town of Taji, where suspects were being held on terrorism charges, prompting officials to evacuate the facilities, fearing a jailbreak.

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Kurds elect Fouad Massoum to be Iraq’s next president

Rudaw reports :

Kurdish members of the Iraqi parliament elected Fouad Massoum, one of the two candidates of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to the post of Iraq’s president on Wednesday evening. Massoum won 30 votes against his fellow candidate Barham Salih’s 23.

Massoum’s election by the Kurdish MPs has ended weeks of deliberation by the PUK to choose its candidates for the post. Both Massoum and Salih are senior leaders of the PUK. Massoum has served as the head of the Kurdish parliamentary bloc in Baghdad and Salih was once deputy Iraqi prime minister and Kurdistan Region’s premier for a two-year term.

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Najaf, Qom take different approaches in Iraq

Ali Mamouri writes for Al Monitor:

Najaf and Qom have taken two different approaches in dealing with general political affairs in Shiite communities since the introduction of the idea of ​​velayat-e faqih. Although this idea was put forward for the first time in Najaf by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, it has not been welcomed by the Shiite hawza (seminary). Finally, Khomeini managed to attain his wish to implement velayat-e faqih on the ground after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which made this idea widely popular within the Iranian seminary of Qom.


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Young Islamic state robs al Qaeda of militant prestige

William Maclean writes for Reuters:

In hiding, targeted by drone strikes and unable to land a blow in the West, al Qaeda's ageing leaders are losing a power struggle with ultra-radical young militants in Iraq and Syria who see themselves as the true successors to Osama bin Laden.

The shadowy network that targeted the West and its Arab allies for almost a generation is increasingly seen as stale, tired and ineffectual on the hardcore jihadi social media forums and Twitter accounts that incubate potential militant recruits.

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As Islamic militants destroy Iraq heritage, a stunning find in Kurdistan

Alexandra Di Stefano Pironti writes for Rudaw:

While the history of civilization is being demolished by war and religious zealots in the rest of Iraq, in the Kurdistan Region archeologists are marveling at a stunning discovery: the remains of a long-lost temple from the biblical kingdom of Urartu, dating back to the 9th century BC.

Kurdish archaeologist Dlshad Marf Zamua, who has studied the columns and other artifacts at the find, told Rudaw these were unearthed piecemeal over the past four decades by villagers going about their lives, digging for cultivation or construction.

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Dozens dead in Baghdad suicide blast

Al Jazeera reports:

A suicide driver has rammed his explosive-laden car into a police checkpoint in Baghdad, killing 31 people, including more than a dozen civilians, en route to a Shia shrine. Police and hospital officials told the AP news agency that at least 13 civilians had been killed in the blast and 58 were injured.

The Islamic State on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the attack, one of the deadliest in a recent string of bombings in the capital. IS has claimed responsibility for a wave of bombings in Baghdad, including several on Saturday which killed 27 people.

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Overnight attacks in Iraq kill at least 16

SInan Salaheddin reports for AP:

Attacks overnight in two Iraqi cities killed at least 16 people, officials said Monday as authorities struggle to stop the Sunni militants' offensive that has left huge areas in northern and western Iraq outside of government control.

In one of the attacks, mortar rounds rained down on Shiite neighborhoods in the town of Mahmoudiya on Sunday night, killing 11 civilians and wounding 31, a police official said. The mixed Shiite-Sunni town is about 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of Baghdad.

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Iraqi army comes under attack in Haditha

Bill Roggio writes for the Long War Journal:

The Islamic State's Anbar Division released a series of photos that purport to document the overrunning of Iraqi Army bases in the city of Haditha. Nineteen photographs captioned with "Charging at a number of barracks of the Savafid army in the city of Haditha" were released yesterday on the jihadist group's Twitter feed.

At least one military outpost appears to have been overrun in the attack. The exact location of the base was not disclosed. The photographs show a convoy of Islamic State technicals, or pickup trucks with machine guns mounted in the beds, advancing through the desert, stopping, and taking up position to fire on the outpost. The Islamic State deployed at least one mortar team during the attack.



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