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Iraq: Ex-PM Maliki rejects Mosul report findings

Hamza Mustafa writes for Asharq Al Awsat:

Former Iraqi prime minister Nuri Al-Maliki on Tuesday rejected a report implicating him in the fall of Iraq’s second city Mosul to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in June 2014. In a post on his official Facebook page, Maliki said the findings of the parliamentary panel tasked with producing the report had “no value” and that the panel was “neither objective nor impartial.”

He accused Turkey and the Kurds of being involved in the city’s fall, adding that “what happened in Mosul was a conspiracy planned in Ankara, then the conspiracy moved to Erbil.” The report, which was referred to Iraq’s judiciary by parliament on Monday, calls for Maliki and other officials to face trial over their role in the fall of Mosul to ISIS. It alleges that Maliki knowingly appointed commanders in the city engaged in corruption and who subsequently failed to accurately inform him of the true extent of the ISIS threat.

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Iran deal is shaping the Iraq war

Noah Feldman reports for Bloomberg:

Iraq's prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, is taking severe steps to rid himself of his troublesome predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki. On the heels of a government shakeup, the latest move is a parliamentary report blaming Maliki and many of his political and military leaders for the fall of Mosul to Islamic State last summer. The report is going to be referred to a public prosecutor -- which means Abadi may be plotting a criminal prosecution. Maliki is fighting back, issuing a public statement repudiating the report.

Given that Maliki had more domestic support than Abadi when the U.S., with grudging Iranian acquiescence, forced Maliki out of office, it’s no surprise that Abadi would like to consolidate his authority by purging Maliki completely.

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U.S., allies target Islamic State with 29 air strikes in Syria, Iraq

Reuters reports:

The United States and its allies launched 29 air strikes on Wednesday against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, according to the Combined Joint Task Force leading the air operations.

In Iraq, 21 air strikes targeted the militant group and its operations near seven cities, the task force said in a statement on Thursday. In Syria, eight air strikes hit near Al Hasaka, Aleppo and Kobani, destroying fighting positions and machine guns, it said.

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Turkey’s fight with ISIL and PKK: a return to the 1990s?

Aylin Unver Noi writes for the Huffington Post:

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) suicide bombing in the border town of Suruç on July 20 that killed 32 socialist youth activists - mostly ethnic Kurds - and wounded dozens more, the subsequent Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terror attacks and the ISIL attack on a Turkish soldier at the Syrian border led Turkey to rethink its approach to both ISIL and the PKK. Turkey not only changed its former position and officially joined the war against ISIL and opened its Incirlik Airbase for U.S. warplanes, the government also launched anti-terror operations across Turkey targeting ISIL, PKK and DHKP/C (the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party) militants, carried out air strikes and ground attacks on both ISIL and PKK targets in Syria and Northern Iraq to extinguish the terror threat.

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Mending Iraq: Abadi’s revolt for reform

Yassin K. Fawaz reports for the Hill:

Iraq's prime minister Haider al-Abadi did his people, and himself, a solid on August 9. Faced by protests against government corruption Abadi pledged a series of reforms. One of them, the elimination of several senior governmental posts, might even lead to the sacking of the premier's predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki. That could only be a good thing. Despite being a serial failure as prime minister – the emergence of the Islamic State group is Maliki's enduring legacy – he parachuted out of the premiership into the comfort of a vice-presidency. Such reward for failure reeks of a crony state. Sacking Maliki would be a solid start to Abadi's plans. Under Maliki corruption became entrenched. Competent officials were often sacked and compliant placemen appointed. Abadi inherited a house of straw. He has rightly chosen to set fire to much of it but that decision came only because Iraqis, toiling in record temperatures with no electricity to power air conditioning, took a stand. While the populace boiled government workers and ministers sat in palaces kept cool 24 hours a day because they siphon off power. Such is Iraq's corrupt state.

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Kurdish civilians under fire as Turkey bombs PKK in Iraq

Isabel Coles reports for Reuters:

When Kurdish militant leader Abdullah Ocalan called a ceasefire with Turkey two years ago, residents of the village of Sigire slaughtered a sheep to celebrate what they believed was the start of a new era of peace. Their homes and orchards in the mountains of northern Iraq had been on the frontline of a war between the Turkish state and Ocalan's Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) for more than three decades.

"We felt our lives were beginning again," said 54-year-old Mam Bashir from Sigire, which is around 20 km (12 miles) from the Turkish border.

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ISIS in backyard to spur cost of Iraq Eurobond experiment

Arif Sharif reports for Bloomberg:

Iraq’s effort to enlist bond investors in its fight against ISIS and a collapse in the price of crude won’t come cheap. The Gulf nation’s first trial in the Eurobond market in almost a decade means it may have to pay “double-digit” interest to lure investors, said Morten Bugge, who helps manage about $2.5 billion of emerging-market debt at Kolding, Denmark-based Global Evolution A/S. Iraq announced a $6 billion bond program Tuesday and may hold sales meetings with international investors as soon as September, people familiar with the matter said.

“It’s an oil exporter with ISIS in their backyard which weighs negatively on the bond sale,” Bugge, Global Evolution’s chief investment officer, said.

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Iraqis seek respite from oppressive reality

Mohammed Jamjoom reports for Al Jazeera:

With conflict raging and temperatures rising, Iraqi residents have grown increasingly concerned and angry. A convergence of crises has gripped the country amid ongoing clashes between Iraqi security forces and the Islamic State of the Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group. Millions of citizens have been displaced, there are frequent power cuts, and temperatures have reached record highs.

The situation has prompted tens of thousands of Iraqis to mobilise, taking to the streets to demand an end to corruption in parliament and a return of the most fundamental government services. For many Iraqis, something as basic as constant access to clean water is considered a luxury.

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Emirates Airline to resume flights to Baghdad

Press TV reports:

Dubai's Emirates Airline has announced that it is planning to resume passenger flights to the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, months after they were suspended over safety concerns.

According to the announcement on Tuesday, Emirates Airline will operate four weekly flights from Dubai to Baghdad, using an Airbus A330-200 aircraft starting from September 17, AFP quoted the airline’s statement, which was published by the UAE's official WAM news agency. "After conducting an exhaustive safety and security review, we have decided to restart services between Dubai and Baghdad," said Sheikh Majid al-Mualla, a vice president of the company.

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Official: ISIS in-fighting kills 16 extremists in Mosul

Rudaw reports :

At least 16 Islamic State militants were reportedly killed Tuesday in a fight between rival extremist groups in the district Baaj in western Mosul province. "The group Al-Hajj Nasser al-Mawla clashed with a group of Abu Musab al-Musli in a dispute over money and power in the district of Baaj, killing eight militants from both sides." Saeed Mamuzini, a Kurdistan Democratic Party official in Mosul, told Rudaw.

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