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Meeting Maliki: A chance to reset U.S. policy on Iraq

Michael Knights writes for The Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

When President Obama meets with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on November 1, he will have a rare chance to transmit strong messages to both the Iraqi leader and his people. Many Iraqis will be listening closely for a sign that the U.S. government is still a force for moderation in their country and a counterbalance to perceived meddling by Shiite Iran, Sunni Gulf states, and Turkey. If no strong U.S. voice is heard, the message will be clear: that other, less impartial states and transnational militant groups stand to become the principal external influences on Iraq, as is gradually becoming the case already.

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Bombs targeting Shi’ites kill 16 across Iraq

Kareem Raheem, Ziad al-Sinjary and Reuters staff report for Reuters:

A series of bombs killed at least 16 people across Iraq on Friday as Shi'ite Muslims celebrated a holy festival, police and medical sources said.

Nine bombs were detonated by remote control. The deadliest were two roadside devices that exploded in quick succession in a market in the Shi'ite town of Yousufiya, 20 km (12 miles) south of Baghdad, killing at least seven people.

It was not immediately clear who was behind Friday's attacks, but Sunni Islamist insurgents who view Shi'ites as apostates have been regaining ground in Iraq this year, reversing a drop in the level of violence.

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Senators warn Obama of slide to Iraq civil war

Anne Gearan reports for The Washington Post:

A bipartisan group of foreign policy leaders in the Senate warned in unusually blunt terms Tuesday that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki may be pulling his country back toward civil war.

In a letter to President Obama timed for Maliki’s visit to Washington, the leaders of the Senate defense and foreign affairs committees said Maliki is contributing to what the lawmakers called an alarming slide toward sectarian violence compounded by the Syrian civil war next door.

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Car bombs kill scores in Baghdad, in sign of crisis in Iraq

Ben Van Heuvelen reports for the Washington Post:

Nearly two years after the U.S. troop withdrawal, Iraq is in the midst of a deepening security crisis as an al-Qaeda affiliate wages a relentless campaign of attacks, sending the death toll soaring to its highest level since 2008.

In the latest violence, nine car bombs tore through markets and police checkpoints in Baghdad on Sunday, killing dozens of people.

The bloody campaign has virtually erased the security gains made in the past five years. More than 5,300 Iraqis have been killed this year.

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Suicide car bomb kills 12 in Northern Iraq

Sinan Salaheddin reports for the Associated Press:

Officials say a suicide bomber has hit a group of soldiers guarding a street in northern Iraq, killing at least 12 people.

The attack in the city of Mosul brings Sunday's death toll to 54. In Baghdad, a series of car bombs hit Shiite neighborhoods.

A police officer says the Mosul attacker drove his explosives-laden car into the soldiers as they were sealing off a street leading to a bank where troops were receiving salaries. He added that at least 30 people were wounded.

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Car bombs kill at least 16 in Iraqi capital

Agence France-Presse reports:

Six car bombs exploded in Shiite-majority areas of Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 16 people and pushing the October death toll for Iraqi violence past 600, officials said.

The blasts, which hit five different areas of the Iraqi capital, also wounded more than 50 people, security and medical officials said.

In the deadliest attack, two car bombs exploded in a commercial area in the north Baghdad neighbourhood of Shaab, killing at least five people and wounding at least 17.

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Kurds rout Syria jihadists on Iraq border

Agence France-Presse reports:

Fierce clashes raged Saturday after Syrian Kurds seized from jihadists a crossing on the Iraqi border, a key supply route for weapons and fighters in the 31-month war, activists said.

Meanwhile, UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi was in Iran as he presses efforts to build a consensus for a Geneva conference aimed at ending the conflict.

Fighters from both sides were killed in the border clashes, which came a day after Syria's regime and its opponents traded blame for a car bomb attack on a mosque that left dozens dead.

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Iraq needs leadership worthy of its people

Rachel Shabi writes for the Guardian:

As a new wave of violence ravages Iraq, a new wave of "oh dearism" seems to have taken hold of us. Coined by the documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis, this disease occurs when terrible, bloody conflicts are covered by oversimplifying media without any meaningful context, so that we don't ever really get what we're looking at. Stripped of any tools to form a take, our only remaining response to Iraq, as to a litany of other seemingly inscrutable conflicts, is reduced to: "Oh dear."

In the coverage of Iraq, there are mentions of al-Qaida, a "sectarian conflict" and a civil war, as we hear about yet another roadside or restaurant bomb that has killed yet more innocent civilians. These terrorising attacks are now routine, increasingly co-ordinated and horrifyingly effective.

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Bombings across Iraq kill 9 people

Sameer N Yacoub reports for the Associated Press:

Officials say a market bombing and an attack on policemen's homes killed nine people in central Iraq.

Police officials say a bomb went off inside a crowded outdoor market in the town of Youssifiyah, just south of Baghdad, on Friday. The attack killed five shoppers and wounded 15 people.

Earlier in the day, bombs exploded near several houses belonging to policemen in the central city of Baqouba, killing four people, including a woman. The explosives appeared to have been planted just outside the homes. Ten people were wounded in that attack.

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Violence reverses gains in Iraq

Matt Bradley and Ali A Nabhan report for the Wall Street Journal:

A flurry of recent attacks by al Qaeda-linked militants in Iraq—strengthened by their alliance with jihadist fighters in Syria—is threatening to undo years of U.S. efforts to crush the group, widening sectarian conflict in the Middle East.

The chaos across the border in Syria and Iraqi Sunnis' feeling of discrimination under the Shiite-led government has reignited the kind of intense sectarian strife that brought Iraq to the verge of civil war in 2006-2007. A security vacuum left by the withdrawal of American combat troops in December 2011 is also helping the fighters regain a foothold.

The civilian death toll so far this year is nearly double last year's, up to over 5,700 from at least 3,200. In July 2013 alone, 1,057 people were killed—the deadliest month for Iraqis in five years.

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