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Clegg calls for publication of U.K. Iraq inquiry

Kitty Donaldson of Bloomberg reports:

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg called for a report into the 2003 Iraq war and Britain’s part in it to be released, after a newspaper suggested publication is to be delayed again.

The inquiry, headed by a retired civil servant, John Chilcot, was set up in June 2009 and heard from its final witnesses in 2011. No publication date has been set amid disputes over which documents can be disclosed. Yesterday’s Independent on Sunday newspaper reported the date for publication could be as late as next year.

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Iraq: 24 more militants killed in Anbar offensive

Aref Youssef of Turkish Press reports:

Iraqi security forces have killed 24 more militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) during the ongoing security operation in the restive Anbar province, the joint operations command said.

Army and police forces engaged a group of militant in the Halabsa district of Fallujah, killing four and injuring many others, the command said in a press statement.

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Iraqi startup helps merchants transition to the Internet

Ali M. Ismail reports at Wamda:, Baghdad’s first internet-based startup with real potential to grow, launched less than a month ago to help local merchants in Baghdad with low capital to start selling their products online.

Iraqi youth have started to believe in entrepreneurship, leaving behind the safety of governmental employment to accept risks and taking challenge in the untapped internet market. The country was active last year in organizing events encouraging youth to start their own businesses, like Startup Weekend and NITA (the National Information and Technology Association).

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Iraqi Foreign Minister to visit Iran soon

Tasnim News Agency reports:

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari plans to make a visit to Tehran in the near future, Ali Mousavi, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said on Monday.

Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Mousavi rejected reports claiming that the Iraqi prime minister is scheduled to pay a visit to Iran in the near future.

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Alstom wins 225 million euro gas turbine contract in Iraq

Reuters reports:

French engineering group Alstom said it had won a contract worth 225 million euros ($312 million) to provide power generation equipment for the Al-Anbar gas-fired combined-cycle power plant being built in the Anbar province of Iraq.

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Iraq Kurds press states to recognize genocide

Sofia Barbarani of Al Jazeera reports:

Twenty-six years have passed since Saddam Hussein's campaign of mass killings against the Kurds in northern Iraq. Yet to date, no governments except for Iraq's have officially recognised the campaign as constituting a genocide.

Saddam systematically killed more than 100,000 Iraqi Kurds in the al-Anfal ("the spoils of war") campaign, which lasted from February to September 1988, towards the end of Saddam's war against neighbouring Iran - in which the Iraqi leader was supported by many Western countries. In March 1988, Saddam also ordered the chemical bombing of Halabja, where 5,000 Kurds - including women, children and entire families - were murdered.

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Sadr meets Sistani as followers deny coalition talks

Asharq Al-Awsat reports:

The leader of Iraq’s Sadrist movement, Moqtada Al-Sadr, met with Iraq’s most senior Shi’ite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, in a well-publicized visit on Sunday, despite Sadr’s repeated claims that he has retired from Iraqi politics.

A statement issued by the Sadr bureau said: “Moqtada Al-Sadr visited Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani at his home in Najaf . . . they discussed the general situation in Iraq and the importance of providing security and services to the Iraqi people.”

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NAWAH partners with Iraq on major project to expand, modernize Basra port

Business Wire reports:

NAWAH Port Management (NPM), a business unit of North America Western Asia Holdings, announced today that it has entered into a formal agreement with Iraq’s Ministry of Transportation and the General Company for Ports of Iraq to quadruple the size of its terminal operations at the Port of Basra (also known as Al Maqal Port), Iraq’s historic port located in Basra’s city center on the Shatt Al Arab waterway.

By expanding its operations to a second terminal, NAWAH is building upon its commitment to modernize the Port of Basra, revitalizing the Shatt Al Arab as a major trade lane for industrial and commercial cargo alike.

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Jordan, Egypt, Iraq discuss railway link project

Jordan News Agency reports:

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Saturday met with Egyptian Minister of Transport, Ibrahim Demeiri, and Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, Salman Jassim, and discussed the railway project linking the three countries.

Discussing the outcomes of the separate meetings of the Jordanian-Egyptian Higher Committee and the Jordanian-Iraqi Higher Committee, Ensour stressed the importance of the railway project in linking the countries of the Levant with North Africa, a move which will increase the trade cooperation and consolidate the Arab countries’ economic interests.

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American fast food chains and hotels set up shop in Iraq

The Malay Mail reports:

In a sign of things to come, Pizza Hut has announced the opening of its first restaurant in Iraq, where appetites for Western-style fast food are growing.

After pulling out with US troops in 2011, Pizza Hut has returned to the country, this time within reach of ordinary Iraqi citizens. The former restaurant was located on US military bases.

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