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Iraqi Ambassador visits Stanford for Hoover Institution conference on Saddam-era documents

Nitish Kulkarni of The Stanford Daily reports:

His Excellency Lukman Faily, Ambassador of The Republic of Iraq to the United States, visited Stanford on Monday in advance of attending a conference at the Hoover Institution related to the modern history of Iraq.

The conference, entitled “Totalitarianism in Saddam’s Iraq: Documents as a Window to a Dictatorship,” is centered around a set of documents housed at the Hoover Institution that were originally taken from the Headquarters of the Ba’ath Party in Baghdad in 2003. Faily will deliver the conference’s keynote address. The conference will also feature talks and discussions with some of Stanford’s resident experts on Iraqi affairs and United States relations to the Middle East. The Honorable Raid Juhi, the former Iraq National Tribunal judge, will also speak at the conference.

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Iraq attacks and shelling leave 35 dead

Salam Faraj of Agence France-Presse reports:

Violence across Iraq, including shelling of the conflict-hit city of Fallujah, killed 35 people Tuesday, as politicians haggle over forming a new governing coalition after April elections.

Iraq is going through its worst protracted spell of violence since it emerged from a brutal Sunni-Shiite conflict that killed tens of thousands in 2006 and 2007, with near-daily attacks plaguing Baghdad and much of the north and west.

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Ankara brushes off Iraq’s Kurdish oil claims

Hurriyet Daily News reports:

Turkey has insisted that the export of Kurdish Iraqi oil to the world is Iraq’s internal business, downplaying opposition from Baghdad, which has accused Turkey of worsening the row over who controls Iraq’s resources.

“The income to be generated from here [exports] will be distributed with a system that our Iraqi brothers established by themselves,” Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yıldız said June 2, answering reporters’ questions after a meeting in Ankara.

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Suicide bomber killed in Iraq part of wider jihadi base in Canada

CBC News reports:

Homegrown extremism abroad has a new face, and CBC News has learned it belongs to yet another Calgary man, a development that points to the West as a hotbed for exporting jihadis.

His name is Salman Ashrafi, and when the Al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) released images of him last month following a double suicide bombing in Iraq in November that killed 46 people, he was celebrated in a martryrdom notice.

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Life in Iraq getting harder

The Economist writes:

Violence in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, has increased since the American military withdrawal in 2011. Across the city residents suffer the consequences of systemic corruption, the absence of government services, and car bombings so common that they often go unreported. Much of the violence is sectarian, with Sunni extremists targeting areas populated by Shia.

One especially hard-hit neighbourhood is al-Jdeida, or “New Baghdad”. Built as a new, idyllic residential area in Saddam Hussein’s time, it is now home to some of the city's poorest. Andrew White, an Anglican priest who lives and works there, says Sunni militants regularly attack. A local Iraqi woman who works for Mr White says she knows of a 12-year-old boy who received $15 from militants to plant a bomb; he was later arrested.

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NPM gains approval to move food products at Port of Basra

LBR Transport Infrastructure reports:

NAWAH Port Management (NPM), a North America Western Asia Holdings’ unit, has secured Iraq government’s approval to discharge and move a full range of food cargo at its terminal at the Port of Basra.

NPM has weekly vessel sailings from the UAE calling upon its terminal located in downtown Basra along the Shatt Al Arab waterway.


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ISIL leader killed in Iraq’s Anbar

Al-Shorfa reports:

The Iraqi army killed the military commander of the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) in al-Karma in an air strike in al-Qanater area, the Ministry of Defence said Monday (June 2nd).

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New research links Iraq dust to ill soldiers

Kelly Kennedy of USA Today reports:

Titanium and other metals found in dust at a base in Iraq have been linked to the dust found in six sick soldiers' lungs, according to a study set to be released Monday.

"We biopsied several patients and found titanium in every single one of them," said Anthony Szema, an assistant professor at Stony Brook School of Medicine who specializes in pulmonology and allergies. "It matched dust that we have collected from Camp Victory" in Iraq.

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PUK reluctant to abolish ‘strategic agreement’ with KDP

Rudaw reports:

Senior members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) say they are reluctant to formally abolish the Strategic Agreement with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), despite the political upheaval since the September polls.

The PUK came close to collapsing, after its leader Jalal Talabani suffered a heart attack in December 2012 and the party lost to the rival Change Movement (Gorran) in the Kurdish polls last September.

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UN: May deadliest month in 2014 for Iraq

Al Jazeera reports:

Almost 800 people have been killed in violence across Iraq in May, the United Nations has said, making it the deadliest month for the country this year.

Of the 799 people killed, 196 were members of the Iraqi security forces while and the rest were civilians, the UN mission to Iraq (UNAMI) said on Sunday.

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