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Iraqis weigh in on Iran nuclear deal

Mustafa Habib writes for Niqash:

Earlier this month news broke that a deal on Iran's nuclear programme had been reached, after months-long negotiations involving foreign ministers from seven countries – Iran, the US, the UK, Russia, China, France and Germany as well as the European Union's head of foreign policy. The deal would curb Iran's nuclear programme and prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons quickly. In return long-standing international sanctions against Iran would eventually be lifted.

Around the world, opinions were divided as to whether the agreement was a triumph of diplomacy that would help achieve peace in the Middle East or whether it was, as one conservative US senator put it, “a historic defeat for the United States”. Opinions were also divided in Iraq, which shares an almost 1,500 kilometre border and a chequered history of war, peace and political interference with Iran.

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Saving Christians in Iraq and Syria

BBC Newshour reports:

Lord Weidenfeld is a prominent British Jewish figure, now 95 years old, who is funding a project to rescue two thousand Christian families from the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. The first phase of Operation Safe Havens, funded by Lord Weidenfeld, saw a hundred and fifty Syrian Christians airlifted this month from Syria to Poland. He told Newshour why he's doing it.

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Iraq human rights commission: Fallujah refugees exceed 70,000 families

Rudaw reports :

More than 70,000 Iraqi families have fled Fallujah as the Anbar city has become the latest battlefield between the Islamic State and Iraqi security forces, according to information from Iraq’s High Commission for Human Rights. The head of the commission, Fadel al-Gharawi, said in a statement most of the 70,000 displaced families were women and children and had taken refuge in areas around Baghdad.

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U.S. troop withdrawal let Islamic State enter Iraq, military leaders say

Rowan Scarborough reports for the Washington Times:

A number of former and current military leaders who were in power when all U.S. troops left Iraq are saying today that the complete exit left the door open for the Islamic State’s land grab. The assessment comes from the Army chief of staff, a former Marine commandant, a former U.S. Central Command chief, a former defense secretary and, privately, from the officer now running the war in Iraq against the Islamic State, also known as ISIL and ISIS.

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Call to action: The Iraq strategy America really needs

Derek Chollet and Robert Ford write for the National Interest:

Twenty-five years ago this August, Saddam Hussein’s army rumbled into Kuwait, initiating an era of U.S. military engagement with Iraq that continues to this day. What to do about Iraq has dominated the American foreign-policy debate for a quarter-century, and will again be a central issue in the 2016 presidential election. The chairman of the joint chiefs just visited Iraq to review our military operations and assistance there, and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter just visited the country as well.

Unfortunately, Washington’s emphasis on the military repeats a past mistake: focusing on a strategy defined by troop numbers, targets and what it would take for “us” to win. The headlines hide the real issue: whether Iraq's Shia, Kurds and Sunni Arabs are prepared to share power in a united Iraq, even a decentralized one.

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U.S., allies conduct 20 air strikes in Iraq: U.S. Military

Reuters reports:

The United States and its allies made 20 air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq on Saturday, with targets near Ramadi bearing the brunt of the attacks, the military said on Sunday.

Five strikes near Ramadi hit tactical units, tanks and an armored personnel carrier for the militant group while also destroying an Islamic State road block, building, two structures, a mortar position and another armored personnel carrier, according to the Combined Joint Task Force. Four strikes hit Islamic State staging areas near Tuz as well.

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Iraq’s rule of law

Omar Al Saadoon and Luay Al Khatteeb write in the Huffington Post:

The concept of the "Rule of Law" is a very wide subject encompassing issues such as institutional reform, human rights and socio-economic issues. This post, however, is intended to give an overview of the legal concept of the rule of law comparatively speaking with common law jurisdictions and major countries of the BRICS.

The underlying concept of the Rule of Law is not new to Iraq. Hammurabi's world famous Code of Law which dates back to 1772 BC is regarded as one of the world's first codified constitution with the remarkable feature of laws taking primacy over the authority of the ruler.

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Iran offered Iraq an ‘open cheque’ to help them battle Isis, says ambassador

Siobhan Fenton reports for the Independent:

Iran offered Iraq an 'open cheque' to help them battle Isis, the Iraqi Ambassador has been reported as saying. According to ABC News, Lukman Faily, told a security forum this week that Iran sees Isis as a threat to its national security, adding: "And their approach to it, more or less, was to have what I might call an open check with Iraq." According to the report, Mr Faily went on to say that Iran had offered Iraq "anything we wanted", including troops and the use of its air force.

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Turkish jets hit PKK targets in Iraq after soldiers killed: sources

Reuters reports:

Turkey attacked Kurdish insurgent camps in Iraq for a second night on Sunday, security sources said, in a campaign that could end its peace process with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Ankara, which called for a special NATO meeting on Tuesday to discuss its security concerns, said two soldiers were killed and four wounded in an earlier attack by PKK militants.

Long a reluctant member of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, Turkey made a dramatic turnaround this week by granting the alliance access to its air bases and launching air raids against both the jihadist movement and the PKK.

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U.S., allies target Islamic State with 27 air strikes in Syria, Iraq

Reuters reports:

The United States and its allies staged 27 air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq on Thursday, the coalition leading the military operation said in a statement.

Six of the eight air strikes in Syria hit near al Hasaka, striking five units of fighters, among other targets. In Iraq, the strikes hit multiple targets near nine cities, including Mosul, Makmur and Falluja, the statement released on Friday said.

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