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Inside the nighttime hunt for ISIS suspects in Iraq

CBS news reports:

In Iraq, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters hunt down terror suspects every day, although almost always at night. The squads CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata and his team joined Monday night were going after suspects from one of the worst Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) atrocities Iraq has seen.

CBS News met Gen. Sahed Khaled Mohammed and his men at a secret location south of Kirkuk. He told us they were after four ISIS suspects, a sleeper cell lying low among the local population, plotting terror attacks in Iraq.

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Justin Trudeau says Canada will send more military trainers to Iraq

AFP reports :

Canada will send more military trainers to Iraq to support local troops combatting the Islamic State group, but remains committed to pulling out its fighter jets from the campaign, the prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has announced.

In line with a campaign pledge, the newly elected Trudeau has vowed to bring home Canadian warplanes deployed in Iraq and Syria, without setting a specific timeframe. “We will continue to do more than our share, including a military engagement, but especially in training rather than airstrikes,” he said on Tuesday. “I’ve committed repeatedly to my allies that we were going to do more on the training front and that means obviously more than just 69 trainers” currently on the ground in northern Iraq.

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We need to re-learn the lessons of the Iraq War

Kevin Drum reports for Mother Jones:

Jeff Guo writes about the likelihood that the Paris attacks will inspire reprisals against Muslims: “This is precisely what ISIS was aiming for — to provoke communities to commit actions against Muslims,” said Arie Kruglanski, a professor of psychology at the University of Maryland who studies how people become terrorists. “Then ISIS will be able to say, ‘I told you so. These are your enemies, and the enemies of Islam.’”

....The researchers see the Paris attacks increasing radicalization in two potential ways. First, the killings project power and prestige, burnishing ISIS’s image and attracting those who want to feel potent themselves."

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How ISIS picks its suicide bombers

Michael Weiss writes for The Daily Beast:

They come from Russia, France—even New Jersey—to end their lives for an “Islamic State.” But an ISIS defector reveals that Saddam’s old spies are the ones holding all the triggers. For all the attention paid to ISIS, relatively little is known about its inner workings. But a man claiming to be a member of the so-called Islamic State’s security services has stepped forward to provide that inside view. This series is based on days of interviews with this ISIS spy.
Part Two: Spies Like ISIS

ISTANBUL—“Suicide bomber is a choice,” said the man we’ll call Abu Khaled, stubbing out a Marlboro Red and lighting a new one. “When you join ISIS, during the clerical classes, they ask: ‘Who will be a martyr?’ People raise their hands, and they go off to a separate group.”

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US-led strikes hit Islamic State fuel trucks

Reuters reports:

Air strikes by the United States and its allies against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria hit 116 fuel trucks on Sunday, according to the U.S.-led coalition, the latest step to damage oil facilities which the militant group uses to fund its operations.

The trucks were destroyed near the eastern Syrian city of Abu Kamal in one of the 23 allied strikes against IS, the Combined Joint Task Force said in the statement on Monday. On Friday, the Pentagon said it was stepping up U.S.-led strikes in the area, concentrating on oil facilities as part of a recent effort to damage Islamic State's ability to fund itself.


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Iraq’s most rebellious city celebrates 231 years of defiance

Kawa Sheikh-Abdulla writes for Niqash:

This week, on November 14, the people of the northern Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah, will be celebrating the founding of their hometown. They will also be celebrating a long history of rebellion and political defiance. The modern city of Sulaymaniyah began as the capital of a historic Kurdish principality known as Baban in 1784. And the map of modern Iraq had not yet been drawn when, in 1918, Sheikh Mahmoud al-Hafid Barzanji began a revolution against the British who were supposed to control the country.

 In his memoirs, Swedish diplomat Einar Thure af Wirsén, wrote that, “staying in Sulaymaniyah was very interesting because one can clearly see the new Kurdish mindset. We noticed there are many attempts at creating Kurdish culture in the city and we expect Sulaymaniyah will have a very prosperous future”.

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Iran increases Iraq, Afghanistan border security against Daesh threats

Al Bawaba reports:

AFP reports that Iran will "take decisive action" if Daesh militants come within 40km of the Iranian border with Afghanistan or Iraq, after recent threats by Daesh. General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, the head of Iran's ground forces, said the increase in border security came after Iraq's foreign minister warned the international community that Iran is among the countries Daesh intends to attack next. After that Paris attacks that killed 129 people on Friday, perpetrated by Daesh, Iran is on high alert.

"The Iraqi foreign ministry warned us but the Islamic Republic of Iran's army states that it has no fear of such threats and a red line has been drawn in Iraq 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the border," Pourdastan said to AFP.

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Iraq replaces nine grain board officials in reform push

Reuters reports:

Iraq’s acting trade minister replaced nine officials at the country’s powerful grain board in a bid to push through anti-corruption reforms ordered by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a statement said on Monday.

The ministry did not name the department and silo managers or accuse them of graft, but said the changes were made “to appoint competent professionals ... and exclude elements that were not able to succeed in their past responsibilities.” The grain board is responsible for procuring grain internationally and from Iraqi farmers, making it one of the world’s biggest importers of wheat and rice. Any disarray there would raise concerns over the country’s ability to secure strategic commodities.

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CIA Chief: Islamic State has developed ‘external operations agenda’

Damian Paletta writes for the Wall Street Journal:

Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan said Monday the Islamic State terrorist network had developed an “external operations agenda,” plotting attacks far outside its havens in Iraq and Syria, in his first public remarks since the large-scale attacks on Friday in Paris.

Mr. Brennan, speaking at a Washington national security forum hosted by the Center for Strategic & International Studies, said the Paris attacks, which killed at least 129 people in separate coordinated bombings and shootings, should force the U.S. and other nations to “urgently commit to achieving an even greater” resolve toward cooperation, information, and joint action against the group. “Our sensibilities and souls should have been jarred once again,” he said of the Paris attacks. He described the Islamic State as “murderous sociopaths” with a “bogus religious pretense.”

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There are signs Canadian commandos are battling ISIS in northern Iraq

James Cudmore reports for the CBC:

Canadian special operations forces are continuing to advise and assist Kurdish forces as they battle ISIS in a major offensive in the northern part of Iraq, an operation that brings with it the strong likelihood Canadian commandos are in combat today.

The Department of National Defence refuses to discuss what Canada's military advisers are currently up to, citing operational security. But following a series of queries from CBC News, it confirmed Canada's special forces have had no change to the mandate that allows them to accompany Kurdish forces up to and across front lines and into battle.

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