Iraq's President Fuad Masum walks with Basra Governor Majid al-Nasrawi in Basra, southeast of Baghdad

Q&A: Basra Gov. Majid al-Nasrawi

The leader of Iraq's oil capital discusses economic development and security for Basrawis and oil companies.

  • Iraq's Oil Minister Mehdi walks with Kirkuk Governor Karim on the outskirts of Kirkuk

    Q&A: Kirkuk Governor Najmaldin Karim

    Karim criticizes leaders in both Baghdad and Erbil for their handling of oil policy and territorial disputes, and outlines a vision of Iraqi federalism that empowers provinces.

  • Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari meets with EU Foreign Policy Chief Ashton in Baghdad

    Q&A: Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari

    Zebari discusses contract renegotiations with oil companies, financing Iraq's budget deficit, and building trust between Baghdad and Kurdistan.

  • Iraqi Oil Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi, center, speaking to reporters o March 20, 2015, near Hamrin oil field, alongside Badr Organization head Hadi al-Amiri after the latter's force helped retake areas around the Ajil and Hamrin oil fields. (Source: Oil Ministry media office)

    Q&A: Oil Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi

    Iraq's top oil man talks about renegotiating oil contracts, addressing long-standing disputes with Kurdistan, and building infrastructure and boosting exports.

Q&A: Peshmerga General Secretary Jabar Yawar

Jabbar Yawar, spokesman for the Iraqi Ku

The chief of Kurdistan's Peshmerga forces discusses the fight against IS militants and new efforts to train irregular forces.

Q&A: Missan Oil Company DG Adnan Noshi Sajit

Adnan Noshi Sajit

Oil production is booming in Missan province, which now accounts for nearly one-tenth of Iraq's output.

Q&A: Ahmad Chalabi


The head of the Parliament Finance Committee talks about priorities for cutting costs while being able to pay for defense, refugees and IOCs.

Q&A: Baz Karim, CEO of KAR Group

Baz Karim, President and CEO of Kar Group, at the Kalak refinery in Erbil, Iraq. (SEBASTIAN MEYER/Metrography/Iraq Oil Report)

The CEO of Iraq’s largest private-sector energy company discusses KAR Group's projects across northern Iraq.

Q & A: Shia militia commander Ali Jamal Hussein

Ali Jamal Hussein (center), deputy commander of the 3rd Battalion of Saraya al-Khorasani, a Shia militia that has fought alongside Iraqi, Peshmerga and Iranian troops. At a Jalula command post on Dec. 6, 2014. (STRINGER/Iraq Oil Report)

A senior commander of Saraya al-Khorasani, a powerful militia in northern Iraq, denies accusations of sectarian cleansing against Sunnis and discusses training and support from Iran.

Q&A: Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari

Then-Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, now Finance Minister, meets with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Baghdad on June 23, 2014. (THAIER AL-SUDANI/Reuters)

The man holding Iraq's purse strings discusses the need to look forward despite years of acrimony over oil, land and revenues.

Q&A: Mustafa Sayid Qadir, Minister of Peshmerga Affairs

Mohammed Sayid Qadir, the KRG Minister of Peshmerga, in his office in Erbil. (SEBASTIAN MEYER/Iraq Oil Report/Metrography)

Kurdistan's defense minister spells out the kit needed to take back towns from ISIS, and says the KRG has to "unify and institutionalize" the Peshmerga.

Q&A: Kirkuk Governor Najmaldin Karim


In the aftermath of the rise of ISIS, Kirkuk's governor discusses Iraq's territorial disputes, control of the province's oil fields, and the future of BP.