Q&A: Nasraddin Sayid Sindi, Kurdistan’s disputed territories chief

The chairman of the General Board of Kurdistan Areas outside the Kurdistan Region Administration discusses efforts to hold the referendum in areas outside formal KRG control, and expectations of Iraqi security forces afterward.

Q&A: Deputy Oil Minister Hamid Younis Salih

Iraq's top natural gas official outlines new plans, beyond the scope of Basra Gas Company, to capture associated gas and reduce flaring in southern Iraq.

Q&A: Sadi Ahmed Pira, PUK politburo member

Unresolved conflicts among Kurdistan's political parties still have the potential to hobble the campaign for an independence referendum.

Q&A: Kamal Taib Wartyi, head of the KRG Directorate of Taxation

To diversify its revenue streams, Kurdistan is making new efforts to collect taxes - including, potentially, from oil companies.

Q&A: Deputy Minister for National Security Affairs Akeel al-Saffar

A long-serving Iraq security official discusses the future of the al-Hashid al-Shabi program and outlines a proposal for providing security services to investors.

Q&A: Ihsan Ismaael, DG of South Gas Company

Iraq is set to increase gas product exports and reach agreements on gas with with IOCs operating southern oil fields, said Ismaael, who is also the chairman of Basra Gas Company.

Q&A: Handren Mohammed, Kurdistan’s election chief

The head of Kurdistan's elections and referendum commission discusses its arm's length relationship with Baghdad, and the extent of its mandate in disputed Kirkuk.

Q&A: Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luiebi

Iraq's Oil Minister is bullish on the country's production targets setting another record this year.

Q&A: Kirkuk Gov. Najmaldin Karim

Political "chaos" and financial struggles aren't stopping the Kirkuk governor from courting BP and bolstering defenses against the IS group.