Beyond the Headlines: Jan. 16-22

  • Border dispute roils Anbar
  • Dhi Qar makes power deals
  • Diyala crisis worsens
  • Basra trumpets investment plans
Beyond the Headlines: Jan. 16-22
Shi'ite residents visit the graves of their relatives who were killed in al-Nukhaib in an ambush last September, at a cemetery in Kerbal, 80 km (50 miles) southwest of Baghdad November 2, 2011. An administrative spat between Iraq's Shi'ite-majority Kerbala province and Sunni-dominated Anbar over a disputed tract of western desert could refuel sectarian conflict as Iraq emerges from years of war. (MUSHTAQ MUHAMMED/Reuters)

Border dispute roils AnbarFALLUJA -- Tensions are rising between the neighboring provinces of Anbar and Karbala over a territorial dispute.Anbar currently wields administrative control over the Nukhaib area, but Karbala claims that territory was given to Anbar during Saddam Hussein's regime, and should be restored."Nukhaib is a red line, and we will not give up an inch of it," said Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, a leader of the Awakening forces. "If we have to defend it, then we will not h...

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