Beyond the Headlines: June 20-26

  • Rocket attacks shake Basra
  • Senior electricity official killed
  • Pay raise for oil port workers
  • Indentured laborers end hunger strike
Beyond the Headlines: June 20-26
Sri Lankan workers who allege they haven't been paid for two years on a project contracted by the government meet with Missan province governor Ali Douai. (JEWDAT AL-SAI'DI/Iraq Oil Report)

Rocket attacks shake BasraBASRA — An insurgent rocket attack hit residential units inside the U.S.-administered portion of the military base attached to the Basra airport.At 4:06 a.m. on June 26, attackers launched what was believed to be a 122mm rocket from approximately 10 kilometers north of the contingency operating base (COB). It destroyed several trailers inside the housing compound run by Skylink, which provides accommodations and office space to foreign businesses, including we...

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