Beyond the Headlines: Oct. 3-9

  • More assassinations in Kirkuk
  • State energy companies investigated
  • Ministry briefs MPs on refineries
  • Capacity setbacks for Dhi Qar police
Beyond the Headlines: Oct. 3-9
US soldiers looks at the remains of a car bomb which targetted head of the Iraqi Emergency Services in Kirkuk Colonel Ahmed Shamirani on September 27, 2010. (MARWAN IBRAHIM/AFP/Getty Images)

More assassinations in KirkukKIRKUK — Terrorist attacks and targeted assassinations continue, a week after a fact-finding delegation from Parliament visited Kirkuk to investigate rising violence.On Oct. 3, assassins shot and killed Sarkawt Abdul Jabari, Kirkuk's director of criminal investigations. The unidentified gunmen attacked Jabari, who is a Kurd, in the Daquq district.Gunmen also attacked a checkpoint run by Kurdish peshmerga forces between the districts of Khaniqin and Jala...

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