Exclusive: ExxonMobil’s blocks in the KRG

First ExxonMobil's move into the KRG was a rumor, then the deals were confirmed without details, and now the six exploration blocks have been revealed.
Exclusive: ExxonMobil’s blocks in the KRG
KRG Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami at the CWC Kurdistan oil and gas conference Nov. 13, 2011, where he confirmed the location of the blocks signed to ExxonMobil. (BEN LANDO/Iraq Oil Report)

Iraq Oil Report has obtained the exact location of the blocks Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government has signed with Exxon Mobil.They are:* Al Qush: located immediately west of Shaikhan (Gulf Keystone Petroleum), northwest of Erbil city, and formerly assigned to Komet Group but withdrawn for lack of development.* Baeshiqa: located immediately south of Ain Sifni (Hunt Oil), southeast of Al Qush.* Pirmam: located immediately north of Mala Omar (OMV). The ancestral home and headquarte...

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