Research Services

Inform your strategic decisions, empower your management, and expand your operational awareness with our ground-truth information, data, and analysis. Iraq Oil Report's Research Service enables your business to leverage our industry-leading network of researchers and sources throughout Iraq.

Data Products

Iraq Oil and Financial Dataset
Over 100 monthly data points tracking oil production, exports, electricity generation, and finances in both federal Iraq and the Kurdistan region.
Basra Crude Export Data
Granular data and analysis tracking Iraq's southern exports -- available daily, weekly, and monthly -- for traders, refiners, shippers, and market watchers.
Kurdistan Oil Field Datasheet
A field-by-field view of the Kurdistan oil patch, including monthly exploration, drilling, and production data.

Information Products

Insider's View
Real-time updates and exclusive information on political, commercial, and security developments in federal Iraq and the Kurdistan region.
Mosul and Disputed Territories Security Brief
Incident reports and data-driven analysis of security developments around Mosul, Anbar, and the Kurdistan region's southern border.

Bespoke Research

Expert Conference Calls
Our senior staff will provide candid insight into the vital topics of the day, or deep-dive assessments of a particular issue of client interest.
Tailored reports and bespoke research
Commission the Iraq experts to answer your unique information needs. Previous projects for major clients include:
  • Deep-dive sector reports
  • Market entry studies
  • Community relations research
  • Geographically focused threat reports
  • Commercial surveys
  • Rig counts and drilling updates
  • Local and national political updates and analysis
  • Daily commodity pricing