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2018: Iraq’s Challenges Ahead

Muhammad al-Waeli writes for 1001 Iraqi Thoughts:

2017 was one of the most significant years in Iraq’s modern history. The significance is not only because of the victory against ISIS, preventing the division of the country, nor the complete removal of the UN sanctions against Iraq. It is more than all that put together. The significance comes from the fact that Iraq showed that it has the potential to overcome the challenges that threatened its existence, proving all the analysis and predictions about its end to be incorrect. It showed that if there is enough will, the impossible can be achieved.

That said, the challenges ahead of Iraq in 2018 are not smaller than those faced in 2017. The importance of succeeding in overcoming these challenges stems from the fact that they are a continuation of the path Iraq has started to follow after Al-Abadi’s government took over in 2014. The following represents the most important challenges that Iraq will face in 2018.

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