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A new political and economic settlement for Iraq

Barham Salih writes in Financial Times:

US leadership of the international coalition against Isis has brought Iraq to the brink of defeating the terrorists who took control of a third of the country. Thanks to the efforts of the Iraqi security forces, the Peshmerga and Hashd al-Shaabi, Isis will soon be pushed out of Mosul. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi deserves credit for seeing the campaign through.

The political system installed after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein has failed. Far from the liberal democracy that many hoped for, myself included, Iraq is a near-kleptocracy, riven by partisan and ethno-sectarian division.

Iraq’s main communities must therefore engage in meaningful dialogue, a process that should begin with negotiations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. The two sides have to decide whether they want to live together. And the place to decide this is Baghdad, not Ankara, Tehran or Washington.

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