Q&A: Mohammed Rubaie, candidate on Hikma list

A member of Ammar al-Hakim's newly formed party says they are focusing on the youth vote while attempting to end the Dawa party's hold on the premiership.
Q&A: Mohammed Rubaie, candidate on Hikma list
Mohammed Rubaie at his office in Baghdad in April 2018. (SAMYA KULLAB/Iraq Oil Report)

BAGHDAD - When Ammar al-Hakim broke away from the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), the party founded by his uncle, he sought to rebrand himself under the political banner of the new Hikma party.

Mohammed Rubaie – a candidate for Hikma and a long-serving member of the Baghdad Provincial Council – said the party is focused on winning the youth vote in Iraq's national elections on May 12.

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