Third attack hits Khor Mor gas field

The gas field providing feedstock for most of Kurdistan’s electricity has come under rocket or mortar fire three times in four days.

Khor Mor gas field attacked again

For the second time in three days, Kurdistan's lynchpin gas field came under attack, during a time of rising political tension in Baghdad.

Deadly hemorrhagic fever outbreak hits Iraq

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever has killed at least 18 people this year as health authorities warn of an increasing spread and inadequate government response.

Another refinery attack signals rising threat

Sunday's rocket strike on KAR Group's refinery complex in Erbil damaged a storage tank and highlighted increasing security risks for Iraqi Kurdistan's critical energy infrastructure.

Dhi Qar unrest raises oil sector risks

Protesters are threatening to shut down the Nassiriya field, and deadly violence has caused one American company to suspend oil operations in the province.

KRG resumes Syria crude trade

After more than a month, the border has reopened for both trade and humanitarian traffic, alleviating economic pressure on a U.S. ally in the counter-IS fight.

Insurgency worsens with deadly new tactics

The Islamic State militant group is staging increasingly bold attacks on both security forces and civilians in northern Iraq, with energy infrastructure also at risk.

Q&A: Jabar Yawar, Secretary General of the Peshmerga

Developments in Afghanistan have cast a shadow over the U.S. role in supporting anti-ISIS forces in Iraq, but the longstanding Peshmerga commander says there's no sign of an American pull out.