Q&A: Bassem Abdul Karim Nassir, head of the Iraqi Drilling Company

The director general of Iraq's state-run drilling company discusses plans to help the country boost production in an era of higher oil prices and loosening OPEC constraints.

Q&A: Khor al-Zubair Port Director Ahmed Jassim al-Assadi

At Iraq's main fuel import and export hub, the the port director describes the facility's layout and activities and talks about plans to expand capacity and revenue flows.

Q&A: Omar al-Waili, director of the Iraqi Border Ports Commission

With shake-ups at Iraqi border ports, the Kadhimi administration is trying to combat corruption, increase revenues, and reinforce federal government authority.

Q&A: Electricity Minister Majid Mahdi Hantoush

Iraq is racing to improve electricity service in time for summer — and reduce dependence on Iranian energy imports — with new cross-border tie lines, more generation capacity, and initiatives to rein in demand.

Q&A: Dr. Reyadh Abdul Amir, head of Iraq’s coronavirus vaccine program

The Health Ministry's vaccine chief discusses efforts to obtain and administer doses, as well as the potential for a future "vaccine passport" policy.

Q&A: Oil Minister Ihsan Ismaael

Gas and refining sector developments are a priority this year, but Iraq is also looking to settle longstanding disputes with the Kurdistan region and Turkey.

Q&A: Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Ali Allawi

Iraq's top economic and energy leader discusses OPEC policy, forward oil sales, gas projects, economic reforms, and more.

Q&A: Hassan Mohammed Hassan, deputy Basra Oil chief in charge of licensing round fields and West Qurna 1

Basra's fields bore the brunt of the OPEC-plus production curtailments, and they are ready to surge as output quotas lift.

Q&A: Marfaa Kadhim al-Assadi, deputy director of Basra Gas Company

Now that Shell personnel have returned, BGC is focused on resuming delayed projects to turn more flared gas into electricity and revenue for Iraq.