Q&A: Ali Nazar al-Shatari, deputy director general of SOMO

Infrastructure bottlenecks will limit Iraq's exports and production in the short term, but SOMO is squeezing value from oil sales through new marketing strategies.

Q&A: Habat al-Halbusi, chair of the Parliament Oil and Energy Committee

The MP leading Parliament's oversight of Iraq's oil and electricity sectors discusses the importance of gas development and the status of INOC legislation.

Q&A: Dhia Shaker al-Luaibi, director of Majnoon oil field

Basra Oil Company's field manager at Majnoon talks foreign interest and Iraqi success in developing the field once operated by Shell.

Q&A: Khalid Hamza Abbas, Basra Oil Company director general

The chief of Basra's oil sector discusses Exxon's impending departure from West Qurna 1, Total's bid for a massive new deal, and Iraq's efforts to develop new capacity from state-run fields.

Q&A: Bassem Abdul Karim Nassir, head of the Iraqi Drilling Company

The director general of Iraq's state-run drilling company discusses plans to help the country boost production in an era of higher oil prices and loosening OPEC constraints.

Q&A: Lt. Gen. Saad Ali Aati al-Harbiya, former head of Kirkuk’s Joint Operations Command

Harbiya, who was moved to the Joint Operations Command in Baghdad last week, discusses the fight against insurgents, improving coordination among rival security services, and winning the trust of locals.

Q&A: Ninewa Gov. Najim al-Jibouri

The military commander-turned-governor says Mosul has largely succeeded in re-establishing security — but lagging support from Baghdad is hurting the local economy, including energy investment.

Q&A: PUK Co-President Lahur Talabany

The co-leader of Kurdistan's second-largest party discusses politicized oil policies, factionalized leadership, security risks, and Iraq's national budget.

Q&A: Khor al-Zubair Port Director Ahmed Jassim al-Assadi

At Iraq's main fuel import and export hub, the the port director describes the facility's layout and activities and talks about plans to expand capacity and revenue flows.