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Q&A: Uday Awad, member of the Parliament Oil and Gas Committee

An MP from Basra and influential member of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Awad outlined his position on foreign oil companies in Iraq and Iran's role in the oil sector.

Uday Awad, a member of Parliament from Basra who sits on the Oil and Gas Committee. (Photo credit: office of Uday Awad)

Q&A: Finance Minister Ali Allawi

Allawi discusses ending Kurdistan budget transfers, new expenditures under a stop-gap spending law, power payments to Iran, and implementing a Chinese financing deal.

Q&A: Electricity Minister Adel Karim

As Iraq approaches the summer peak of electricity demand, another crisis is looming as the caretaker government lacks the budget authority to boost power supply.

Q&A: Basra Gas Company Deputy Director Marfaa Kadhim al-Asadi

The joint venture between state-owned South Gas Company, Shell, and Mitsubishi is expanding its processing capacity to capture up to 94 percent of the associated gas produced from the three largest oil producing fields in southern Iraq. The expansion is crucial if Iraq is to reduce the wasteful practice of gas flaring.

Q&A: Ali Shaddad al-Faris, MP from Basra

One of the plaintiffs in the landmark Federal Supreme Court case against Kurdistan's independent oil sector discusses fallout from the ruling as well as Parliament's role in energy sector oversight.