Q&A: Ihsan Ismaael, director general of Basra Oil Company

Iraq's largest state oil company is expanding production capacity and building new infrastructure as it waits out an OPEC quota.

Q&A: Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency

After spearheading a major new survey of Iraq’s energy sector, the IEA’s executive director previews his key insights and policy recommendations.

Q&A: Bahaa Nima Abid, acting director of the Siba gas field

The first of federal Iraq's three gas fields awarded in a 2010 bidding round is now nearly ready for commercial production, helping the country become a sustainable producer of electricity.

Q&A: Ihsan Ismaael, Basra Oil Company director general

Basra's oil chief discusses efforts to protect Majnoon from flooding, plans for developing new capacity, and the field's place in Iraq's production strategy.

Q&A: Zardasht Shangali, commander of the YBS (Sinjar Resistance Units)

After deadly clashes with the Iraqi Army, the YBS leader discusses improved security coordination, a strategically important Syrian border crossing, and the future of Sinjar.

Q&A: Haider al-Abadi, former prime minister of Iraq

Five months after leaving office, Abadi reflects on Iraq's political landscape and his successor's handling of energy sector priorities.

Q&A: Nazm Dabakh, KRG representative to Iran

After Kurdistan abruptly stopped oil exports to Iran - and then quickly resumed them - the KRG's emissary to Tehran discusses bilateral relations in the age of renewed U.S. sanctions.

Q&A: Jabar Yawar, secretary general of the KRG Ministry of Peshmerga

Baghdad and KRG leaders are pursuing renewed security cooperation to defuse tensions in disputed territories and combat a persistent insurgency.

Q&A: Ahmed Fadhil Adhayam, deputy director general of Basra Oil Company

BOC is taking major steps to build capacity, even as it limits production in an era of OPEC constraints.