Q&A: Abdul Mahdy al-Ameedi, head of oil contracts

The Oil Ministry's contract chief talks about terminating the Mansuriya deal, the process ahead for approving bidding round five projects, and the future of Majnoon.

Q&A: Sami al-Araji, chairman of the National Investment Commission

The country's top investment official discusses his efforts to follow up the Kuwait reconstruction conference and continue generating interest in Iraq.

Q&A: Brig. Gen. Ali Hussein Hilal al-Mayahi, director of South Oil Police

As protests re-gain momentum at key oil sites in Basra, Mayahi details the network of government forces providing security and the challenges they face.

Q&A: Abdul Mahdy al-Ameedi, head of Iraq’s oil contracts

Despite operating under a caretaker Cabinet, the Oil Ministry's contracting chief is trying to sustain momentum on the 5th bidding round and other major projects.

Q&A: Gary Vogler

The longest-serving American in Iraq's oil sector gives an insider's account of tactical victories, strategic blunders, and hidden agendas in post-2003 reconstruction.

Q&A: Kamaran Barwari, New Generation party leader in Dohuk

One of Kurdistan's new political parties is challenging the ruling KDP in its traditional stronghold of Dohuk.

Q&A: Rafat Abdullah, PUK politburo member from Kirkuk

A leading member of the PUK in Kirkuk discusses his expectations for Kurdish electoral turnout in disputed territories and post-election dynamics in Baghdad.

Q&A: Karim al-Nouri, candidate with the Fatah list

A senior figure in the Badr Organization running on Hadi al-Amiri's Fatah list discusses his expectations for national elections.

Q&A: Zuhair Muhssein al-Araji, mayor of Mosul and parliamentary candidate

The war against IS has created immense, unmet reconstruction challenges - and reshuffled the electoral landscape in Iraq's second-largest city.