Q&A: Bassim Mohammed Khudair, director general of the Iraq Drilling Company

Iraq's state drilling company builds its credentials as it competes with international service companies for international oil company contracts in Iraq.

Q&A: Wasta Rasool, Peshmerga commander in Kirkuk

The Peshmerga commander responsible for the KRG's fourth sector, including south of Kirkuk, talks about recent military escalations.

Q&A: Kirkuk Gov. Najmaldin Karim

As political and military tensions mount around Kirkuk, the governor discusses the future of the province and its oil.

Q&A: Falah Mustafa Bakir, KRG Foreign Relations Minister

Kurdistan's top diplomat spells out what the U.S. and other allies must offer for KRG leaders to consider postponing their impending independence referendum.

Q&A: Sherwan Zrar, Kurdistan voting commission spokesperson

Beyond the political debates swirling around the KRG independence referendum is a fundamental logistical question: are the resources in place to hold the vote as scheduled?

Q&A: Nasraddin Sayid Sindi, Kurdistan’s disputed territories chief

The chairman of the General Board of Kurdistan Areas outside the Kurdistan Region Administration discusses efforts to hold the referendum in areas outside formal KRG control, and expectations of Iraqi security forces afterward.

Q&A: Ahmad Anwar, head of the Kurdistan Integrity Commission

Kurdistan's financial crisis has provided an impetus for government reform, including overlapping efforts to fight low-level corruption.

Q&A: Peshmerga General Secretary Jabar Yawar

The leader running Kurdistan's Peshmerga Ministry discusses the next steps in fighting IS, the future status of disputed territories, and efforts to reform the Peshmerga.

Q&A: Falah Alamri, Director General of SOMO

Days before a major meeting among the world's largest oil producers, Iraq's export chief discusses depressed Kirkuk prices and a big plan for marketing Basra crude.