Q&A: Jumaha Sheyah al-Maliki, Director of Water Resources in Basra

Iraq's natural waterways have little spare supply for oil fields that need more water injection to sustain reservoir pressure and hit higher production targets.

Jumaha Sheyah al-Maliki, director of water resources in Basra, at his office in June 2023. (ALI AL-AQILY/Iraq Oil Report)

Q&A: Ammar al-Anbagi, director general of SOMO

Iraq's oil marketing chief discusses Russia-related oil market dynamics, the restart of Qayarah crude exports, and recent steps to activate the TotalEnergies mega-deal.

Q&A: Finance Minister Ali Allawi

Allawi discusses ending Kurdistan budget transfers, new expenditures under a stop-gap spending law, power payments to Iran, and implementing a Chinese financing deal.

Q&A: Electricity Minister Adel Karim

As Iraq approaches the summer peak of electricity demand, another crisis is looming as the caretaker government lacks the budget authority to boost power supply.