Q&A: Hassan Mohammed Hassan, deputy Basra Oil chief in charge of licensing round fields and West Qurna 1

Basra's fields bore the brunt of the OPEC-plus production curtailments, and they are ready to surge as output quotas lift.

Q&A: Dr. Adham Rashad Ismail, WHO head of mission in Iraq

The World Health Organization is still guardedly optimistic Iraq can avoid a coronavirus catastrophe, despite Iraq's poor mask compliance and perhaps premature end to its lockdown.

Q&A: Southern Iraq oil products chief Arkan Abdul-Qaddir al-Hilfi

The company responsible for distributing much of Iraq's fuel is taking new precautions during the pandemic but operating without interruption.

Q&A: Bassim Mohammed Khudair, director general of the Iraqi Drilling Company

As the Oil Ministry seeks cost savings and production cuts in response to crashing oil prices, drilling programs are being cut – battering the business of Iraq's state-run drilling company.

Q&A: Basra Oil Company Deputy Director General Khalid Hamza Abbas

A top Basra oil leader reveals which fields are being cut under the new OPEC-plus deal and discusses how Iraq's financial squeeze is affecting BOC projects and planning.

Q&A: Dr. Adham Rashad Ismail, WHO head of mission in Iraq

The World Health Organization's representative in Iraq discusses how the country got ahead of the coronavirus and what needs still remain.

Q&A: Jabar Yawar, Secretary General of the Peshmerga

Insurgents and gangs continue to fill a security vacuum in Iraq’s disputed territories, as talks between federal and Kurdish forces have been derailed by the political impacts of the Soleimani assassination.

Q&A: Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Allawi

The person tapped to lead Iraq's next government digs into the energy sector details of the plan he submitted to Parliament, ahead of a vote on his Cabinet.

Q&A: Thamir Ghadhban, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Minister of Oil

In the midst of an unpredictable protest movement, Iraq's oil sector has avoided output disruptions and plans are on track for developing new production and export capacity.