Technical talks signal potential progress on Iraq-Turkey Pipeline

Recent meetings show renewed efforts to set terms for reopening the export pipeline, but top-level political approval is hardly assured.

Iraqi Oil Minister Hayyan Abdulghani (left) and Turkish Energy Minister Arparslan Bayraktar (right) meet in Ankara on Aug. 22, 2023. (Photo credit: Oil Ministry)

New life for Iraq’s southern oil export expansion

A $417M subsea pipeline project that was funded and then suspended over the past two months has gotten Cabinet approval again, with a half million barrel per day capacity increase slated for next year.

Basra refinery expansion delayed by contract dispute

The delay is the latest for the project that was supposed to be completed in 2018, and is sorely needed to expand fuel supply, reduce purchase costs, and provide an additional outlet for Iraqi crude output.

Oil exports rise for second consecutive month

KRG crude exports are still shut in due to the northern pipeline outage, but federal exports have increased further, nearing the maximum capacity of outdated Basra Gulf infrastructure.