Climate change comes to Iraq

Unprecedented droughts are drying up farm land, driving migration to cities, and compounding economic hardships and instability.

The Golaka spring ran dry in August 2021, outside the Bakr Bayf village in Garmian. (LIZZIE PORTER/Iraq Oil Report)

Insurgency worsens with deadly new tactics

The Islamic State militant group is staging increasingly bold attacks on both security forces and civilians in northern Iraq, with energy infrastructure also at risk.

Gas capture program bolsters Tawke oil production

As Kurdistan's authorities crack down on flaring, a $110 million project by Norway's DNO shows how capturing the associated gas produced along with crude can help both the environment and the bottom line.

July oil output jumps by 150k bpd

As the OPEC-plus coalition prepares to loosen its quotas further, Iraqi production has risen to its highest monthly average since April 2020.

July oil exports and revenues climb

With OPEC-plus pressure easing, Iraq increased exports slightly in July while higher oil prices drove monthly revenues to a 19-month high.