Iraq’s April oil production holds steady

Output increases at several IOC-operated fields in southern Iraq were offset by cuts from Basra's state-operated fields.

Workers at Fakka oilfield, near Amara in Missan province, on Dec. 8, 2009. (ATEF HASSAN/Reuters)

April exports rise by 200k bpd

Countrywide oil sales have rebounded to their highest level in two years, although infrastructure bottlenecks threaten to limit further increases.

Fuel smuggling causes shortages and spiking prices

Smugglers are exploiting a growing margin between government-subsidized fuel and market prices in an illicit trade that is squeezing Iraq's fuel supply and costing the government billions.

Protests shut down Nassiriya field

The 60k bpd field is the second in two days to stop production amid global supply concerns as Russian war in Ukraine continues.

Karbala refinery nears completion

After years of financing challenges and delays, the Karbala refinery is almost ready to start producing high-quality fuel to feed rising domestic demand.