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New leader for Midland Oil Company

Mohammed Yassin Hassan al-Obaidi has been appointed acting director general in a leadership reshuffle at Iraq's smallest state-run oil company.

Workers attend a ceremony to mark the resumption of drilling at the Ahdab oil field on April 5, 2023. (Photo credit: Midland Oil Company)

ExxonMobil finalizes deal to exit West Qurna 1

The American super-major will sell its last remaining upstream asset in Iraq to the state-run Basra Oil Company, resolving a years-long conflict over the terms of its exit.

October exports hit 8-month high

The northern export pipeline was offline for a seventh straight month, but Iraq has now compensated for about half the lost volumes with increased oil sales via southern outlets.

Oil Ministry names new head of contracts

Bassim Taher Abid is tapped as the new acting director of the Petroleum Contracts and Licensing Directorate as the ministry gears up for two new licensing rounds.

September oil production steady

With the northern pipeline still offline, Iraq is compensating with robust southern exports and expanding sales into Kurdistan's local market.

New life for Iraq’s southern oil export expansion

A $417M subsea pipeline project that was funded and then suspended over the past two months has gotten Cabinet approval again, with a half million barrel per day capacity increase slated for next year.

Basra refinery expansion delayed by contract dispute

The delay is the latest for the project that was supposed to be completed in 2018, and is sorely needed to expand fuel supply, reduce purchase costs, and provide an additional outlet for Iraqi crude output.

Oil exports rise for second consecutive month

KRG crude exports are still shut in due to the northern pipeline outage, but federal exports have increased further, nearing the maximum capacity of outdated Basra Gulf infrastructure.