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Iraq Oil Report publishes a hard copy Magazine, six times a year starting in 2019. They are delivered to thousands of investors and government officials at Iraq-focused conferences, as well as hotels, ministries, and government offices in Baghdad, Basra, and Kurdistan. The digital version is distributed to our 70,000+ followers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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   IOR Magazine: March 2020  (2.95 MB)
  • Likely next NOC chief versed in northern Iraq complexities
  • Iraqi production hits new annual high
  • Iraq again sets oil export record in 2019
  • Oil exports into Iraqi Kurdistan give Syrian Kurds a financial lifeline
   IOR Magazine: June 2019  (5.92 MB)
  • Rumaila's quest for water key to production increase
  • Optimism swells over giant Eridu discovery
  • Q&A: Ihsan Ismaael, director general of Basra Oil Company
  • Deals in limbo as Oil Ministry fights political headwinds
  • Q&A: Bahaa Nima Abid, acting director of the Siba gas field
  • Q&A: Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency
  • Q&A: Hossam Hussein Wali, head of South Refineries Company
  • Q&A: Zuhair al-Araji, mayor of Mosul
  • Q&A: Zardasht Shangali, Cmdr. of the Sinjar Resistance Units
  • Federal Supreme Court oil lawsuit awaits PM signature
   IOR Magazine: March 2019  (6.18 MB)
  • Record production continues in 2019
  • New Bashiqa drilling touches a political nerve
  • Kirkuk oil smuggling rings thrive amidst corruption
  • No either-or: Iraq wants both Siemens and GE for fast-track power boost
  • Q&A: Ahmed Fadhil Adhayam, deputy director general of Basra Oil Company
  • Q&A: Bassim Mohammed Khudair, director general of the Iraqi Drilling Company
   IOR Magazine: December 2018  (5.95 MB)
  • Iraq to redraft national oil company law
  • Iraq ramps up gas supply after years of delay
  • Pipeline and payments fuel Kurdistan's oil sector revival
  • IS incursions highlight Iraq's counter-insurgency challenges
   IOR Magazine: October 2018  (4.16 MB)
  • Iraq poised to capitalize on OPEC supply drops
  • Q&A: SOMO Director General Alaa al-Yassiri
  • Baiji refinery begins its comeback
  • Iraq seeks sanctions waiver on vital Iran energy trade
   IOR Magazine: September 2018  (4.19 MB)
  • Iraq capitalizes on OPEC quota adjustment
  • Q&A: Brig. Gen. Ali Hussein Hilal al-Mayahi, director of South Oil Police
  • Q&A: Abdul Mahdy al-Ameedi, head of Iraq's oil contracts
  • Before turbulent election, Iraq ignored key warnings
   IOR Magazine: April 2018  (7.19 MB)
  • Q&A: SOMO Director General Alaa al-Yassiri
  • ZhenHua expands China's role in Iraq's oil sector
  • Zubair field set to kick off year-on-year growth
  • Parliament re-establishes Iraq National Oil Company
  • Q&A: Ibrahim Bahralolom, MP and former oil minister
   IOR Magazine: March 2018  (7.46 MB)
  • Iraq refineries resurgent
  • State effort brings Subba oil field online
  • Iraq pushes electricity reform, prompting protests
   IOR Magazine: November 2017  (1.65 MB)
  • Iraq oil production up as key fields change hands
  • Iraq resumes Khor al-Amaya loadings
  • Oil exports, revenue on track
   IOR Magazine: May 2017  (3.61 MB)
  • Iraq starts new oil contract review
  • Dhi Qar Oil Company hits political turbulence
  • Deputy Oil Minister Hamid Younis Salih
  • Deputy Minister for National Security Affairs Akeel al-Saffar
  • South Gas Company DG Ihsan Ismaael
   IOR Magazine: March 2017  (4.70 MB)
  • The end of Daesh and the future of Iraq
  • Inside the black heart of IS's oil sector
  • Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luiebi
  • Kirkuk Gov. Najmaldin Karim
  • Falah Alamri, director general of SOMO
  • Baz Karim, president of KAR Group