Iraq sets out blueprint for sovereign wealth fund for clean energy

Now that Iraq has finished decades' worth of reparations payments to Kuwait, the Cabinet is proposing to continue diverting a portion of oil sales for a new purpose — domestic clean energy investments.

Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Ismaael speaks alongside senior ministry contracting officials during the bidding for the Mansuriya gas field on April 20, 2021. Sinopec won the bidding round. (Source: Oil Ministry media office)

Climate change comes to Iraq

Unprecedented droughts are drying up farm land, driving migration to cities, and compounding economic hardships and instability.

Baghdad makes second KRG budget transfer

Erbil has now received $138 million payments in both July and August, as a fragile political deal revives financial flows that had been stalled since October 2020.

Q&A: Oil Minister Ihsan Ismaael

Iraq’s oil chief discusses negotiations with Total and Chevron, arbitration with Exxon, the future of INOC, several gas project updates, and budget talks with the Kurdistan region.

Cabinet files legal challenge to 2021 budget

Kadhimi's government is seeking to strike down budget provisions added by Parliament, including new financial rules for state-owned oil companies and fuel import taxes.

Q&A: Dhi Qar Gov. Ahmed al-Khafaji

Weeks after taking office, Dhi Qar's new governor discusses aspirations for quelling oil protests, raising employment, and attracting investment.