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Court again delays case against Kurdistan IOCs

Gazprom Neft sends lawyer to court, bucking trend of companies ignoring Oil Ministry lawsuits seeking to invalidate KRG oil contracts.

GazpromNeft's Sarqala-1 well production site near Hasira village on June 8, 2016. (ARAZ MOHAMMED/Iraq Oil Report)

Iraqi federal and KRG oil talks cordial but still at odds

In their first in-person meeting, a political delegation from Erbil talked about terms for resolving the oil dispute with Baghdad while the Oil Ministry remains focused on technical implementation of the Federal Supreme Court ruling against the Kurdistan Region’s oil sector.

Parliament vote signals uphill battle for Ismaael and INOC

A recent vote to remove the oil minister as the head of the Iraqi National Oil Company highlights political headwinds for Ihsan Ismaael's efforts to restructure the oil sector and maintain a foothold beyond the transition to a new government.

Economic reforms hampered by political divides

Iraq’s “white paper” laid out an internationally acclaimed roadmap for economic reform. But the problems are so pervasive — and political will to tackle them so weak — that progress has been slow.

Omicron arrives in Iraq

The country's healthcare system is ill prepared for another surge, but government, health, and oil sector officials are hoping new variant's milder symptoms will soften the impact.

Climate change comes to Iraq

Unprecedented droughts are drying up farm land, driving migration to cities, and compounding economic hardships and instability.

Baghdad makes second KRG budget transfer

Erbil has now received $138 million payments in both July and August, as a fragile political deal revives financial flows that had been stalled since October 2020.