Iraq production shoots up in June

An independent analysis shows rising output from state-run fields in Basra lifted Iraqi production by nearly 100,000 bpd, as a monitoring committee meets and assesses OPEC quota compliance.
  • Head of Dhi Qar Oil Company replaced

    Ali Warid Hamoud, formerly of the Missan Oil Company, is the third director general appointed to lead the newly formed DQOC in less than four months.

  • Ajil oil field targeted in latest insurgent attacks

    Despite losing Mosul, IS militants continue a steady stream of guerilla-style operations throughout northern Iraq, targeting oil infrastructure, local leaders, and rural villages.

  • Special Report

    Inside Mosul: July 19, 2017

    Detailed updates from Mosul city and nearby Islamic State militant-held territory, gathered via Iraq Oil Report's network of reporters and contacts.


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Iraq opens border blocks for new investment

Foreign oil companies are invited to propose contracts – though not production sharing – for eight exploration blocks on the borders with Iran and Kuwait, as well as one offshore exploration block.


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