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Beyond the Headlines

Protesters halt Gazprom Neft in Halabja

Amidst complaints over unpaid land compensation, protesters have disrupted the Russian oil giant's development of a KRG exploration block.

An employee works at the Tawke oil field, which is administered by the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. (MUHANNAD FALA'AH/Getty Images)

UPDATE: Dana Gas takes Kurdistan to court

Kurdistan's only gas producer has initiated arbitration proceedings against the KRG's Ministry of Natural Resources, alleging years of frustration and hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid bills.

Gulf Keystone wins legal battle over Kurdistan assets

The operator of Kurdistan's largest oil field has beaten a $1.6 billion claim, clearing a major hurdle in the company's quest to develop its assets – or position itself for a potential takeover.

Five more firms get Nassiriya bid approval

As the Oil Ministry gears up to award the Nassiriya oil field and refinery project in December, a total of at least 12 companies are now qualified to bid.

Iraq inches toward oil transparency

Seeking to combat the "resource curse," Iraq is moving forward – and hitting roadblocks – on its slow path toward oil sector transparency.

Basra farmers protest Exxon encroachment

Demanding payment for lost land and jobs in the oil field, Basrawis take to the streets to decry the West Qurna 1 project and its embattled developer, ExxonMobil.

Exxon hires ex-U.S. officials to navigate Iraq

Former American ambassador James Jeffrey is now advising ExxonMobil, which has also retained Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley and other retired American officials to advise on Iraq.