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France wrongly accused of bombing school in Iraq’s Mosul ‘killing 28 children’

Mary Atkinson writes for the Middle East Eye:

Rumours of a French air strike on a school in Islamic State controlled Mosul that killed over two dozen children quickly spread on Wednesday, but journalists and locals have denied the attack took place. A report by the Arabic-language outlet Al Quds was shared widely on Twitter. It said that France had bombed on Tuesday night a school in Mosul, IS's de facto capital in Iraq, killing 28 children. The report led to Egypt's grand mufti, Shawki Allam, putting out a statement condemning the alleged strike.

“This French military operation that targeted innocent civilians, children, is a mark of shame on France. It is no less abhorrent than the way terrorist organisations target innocents,” he said. The religious leader also called it a violation of the Geneva Convention and expressed condolences to the relatives of those killed.


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