Detailed updates from Islamic State militant-held areas of Ninewa province gathered by Iraq Oil Report's network of reporters and contacts.

Inside Mosul: Jan. 7, 2017

  • CTS-led forces complete clearance of Shuqaq al-Hadba and Muthana neighborhood, gain control of Rifaq 1, Rifaq 2, and Ghifran neighborhoods.
  • Hashid militiamen secure territory southwest of Mosul
  • Kataib al-Mosul claims assassination of IS leader managing IED teams
  • Iraqi Army drone hits IS leader coordinating IS anti-aircraft guns

Inside Mosul: Jan. 4, 2017

  • Iraqi forces gain control of Wahida, Sumar, Siha, and Yarmja neighborhoods
  • In multiple incidents, IS militants kill civilians fleeing to liberated areas
  • Under pressure of airstrikes, IS militants withdraw from Muhandiseen neighborhood
  • Unusually high volume of airstrikes target IS, including several weapons warehouses and explosives factories

Inside Mosul: Jan. 3, 2017

  • CTS liberates Karamah neighborhood and nearby industrial area
  • Iraqi forces shoot down IS drones
  • IS casualties mount at main hospital
  • Airstrikes kill IS militants, crater supply routes on Left Bank

Inside Mosul: Jan. 2, 2017

  • Army shells northern neighborhoods of Arabi, Kindi and Hadbah
  • CTS continue to clear Karama neighborhood
  • Federal Police still shelling in and around Mosul airport
  • IS arrests dozens of families seeking to flee to Mosul’s liberated areas
  • Airstrikes target IS weapons stores and supply routes on Left Bank

Inside Mosul: Dec. 31, 2016

  • Renewed offensives continue in eastern and northern neighborhoods, intense battles in Hadbah and Karama
  • CTS-led combined units clear Quds neighborhood
  • Federal Police claims to have killed several named IS leaders
  • Heavy IS casualties reported at city’s main morgue

Inside Mosul: Dec. 29, 2016

  • Launching “second phase” of Mosul operation, Iraqi forces open new offensives in several Left Bank neighborhoods
  • CTS forces control strategically important al-Qudus neighborhood
  • Several airstrikes hit IS targets in support of ground operations
  • Hundreds of displaced civilians flood eastward

Inside Mosul: Dec. 28, 2016

  • Several airstrikes destroy IS boats, warehouses, and VBIEDs
  • Iraqi forces clash with IS fighters in Sumar neighborhood
  • Some liberated areas gain access to running water and food supplies

Inside Mosul: Dec. 27, 2016

  • ISF take heavy casualties fending off IS counterattack on Intisar neighborhood
  • Six IS weapons factories discovered in Gogjali
  • IS militants displace residents from Habiba neighborhood to prepare defenses
  • Main Mosul hospital receives hundreds of killed and wounded IS militants

Inside Mosul: Dec. 24-26, 2016

  • Combined forces re-start offensives in several Left Bank neighborhoods
  • Kataib al-Mosul claims multiple assassinations of IS leaders
  • Mosul residents say U.S. military artillery team is shelling IS positions
  • Airstrikes on a bazaar in Ba’aj district kill two dozen civilians and wound 55

Inside Mosul: Dec. 21, 2016

  • CTS forces continue heavy gun battles in Tammim neighborhood
  • Conditions on Right Bank worsening, civilian starvation deaths reported
  • Airstrikes on Left Bank target IS gatherings
  • New mass grave discovered near Hammam al-Alil

Inside Mosul: Dec. 20, 2016

  • CTS repel IS suicide attackers targeting field medical clinic in Samah neighborhood
  • Police forces kill IS suicide attacker near Quds cemetery on Left Bank
  • IS mortars Masarif neighborhood
  • Kataib al-Mosul claims targeting killings of three IS operatives

Inside Mosul: Dec. 19, 2016

  • IS casualties mount at Jumhouri hospital
  • Civilians forced to use untreated river water amid shortages
  • IS militants execute would-be suicide attackers who fled fighting in the Tammim neighborhood
  • Airstrikes target Mosul airport and Albu Saif area

Inside Mosul: Dec. 18, 2016

  • CTS-led forces push west into Jaza’ir neighborhood
  • CTS engage in heavy gun battles with IS militants in Muthana, Noor
  • IS militants continue to shell civilians, killing children
  • Combined Iraqi forces slowly clear areas north of Mosul
  • Hashid forces repel IS attack west of Tal Afar airport

Inside Mosul: Dec. 17, 2016

  • Iraqi forces resume heavy fighting in the Wadha neighborhood towards Salam hospital
  • Food and fuel shortages worsen further, also affecting IS militants
  • Mosul hospital receives dozens of IS militant corpses
  • Airstrikes target IS-occupied buildings in New Mosul neighborhood

Inside Mosul: Dec. 15, 2016

  • CTS find IS militants hiding out in Zahra neighborhood
  • IS fighters continue to mortar liberated Muthana and Zuhur neighborhoods
  • Airstrikes target IS on Right Bank
  • Hashid forces repel IS attack near Tal Afar

Inside Mosul: Dec. 14, 2016

  • CTS fully liberate Falah neighborhood
  • 9th and 16th Division units work to close highway gap on Left Bank
  • Humanitarian crisis worsens on Right Bank
  • Airstrikes destroy VBIED factory in industrial zone on Left Bank
  • Reinforcements arrive at Q-West airbase ahead of southern offensive