Detailed updates from Islamic State militant-held areas of Ninewa province gathered by Iraq Oil Report's network of reporters and contacts.

Inside Mosul: Oct. 17, 2016

  • Resistance fighters rally civilians for discrete attacks on IS militants
  • Dozens of IS militants flee the city
  • Iraqi forces advance toward Mosul outskirts from the east and south
  • Counter-Terrorism forces take an IS chemical weapons factory north of Qayarah

Inside Mosul: Oct. 16, 2016

  • IS militant summarily shoots and kills alleged informant on Left Bank
  • IS militants shoot senior official seeking to abandon the group, abducts family
  • Airstrikes inside Mosul include destruction of main bridge, some cause civilian injuries
  • Airstrikes and army artillery target IS bases between Mosul and Qayarah

Inside Mosul: Oct. 15, 2016

  • IS leader gives defiant radio address
  • Friction between local and foreign fighters as many IS leaders leave city
  • Civilians complain of continued smoke pollution from IS oil fires
  • Food and fuel prices spike, basic foodstuffs become more scarce
  • Several airstrikes on IS positions south of Mosul

Inside Mosul: Oct. 13, 2016

  • IS starts burning oil and tires on Mosul outskirts
  • Civilians beheaded for alleged spying
  • Hospitals receive large number of IS militant bodies
  • Kataib al-Mosul claims killing of named IS militant
  • Airstrikes continue to target IS militants in Mosul and Qayarah