Q&A: SOMO Director General Alaa al-Yassiri

Iraq's oil marketing chief discusses rising export capacity, OPEC dynamics, oil trading joint ventures, and the status of a nascent hedging program.

Q&A: Gary Vogler

The longest-serving American in Iraq's oil sector gives an insider's account of tactical victories, strategic blunders, and hidden agendas in post-2003 reconstruction.

Q&A: Kamaran Barwari, New Generation party leader in Dohuk

One of Kurdistan's new political parties is challenging the ruling KDP in its traditional stronghold of Dohuk.

Q&A: Rafat Abdullah, PUK politburo member from Kirkuk

A leading member of the PUK in Kirkuk discusses his expectations for Kurdish electoral turnout in disputed territories and post-election dynamics in Baghdad.

Q&A: Karim al-Nouri, candidate with the Fatah list

A senior figure in the Badr Organization running on Hadi al-Amiri's Fatah list discusses his expectations for national elections.

Q&A: Zuhair Muhssein al-Araji, mayor of Mosul and parliamentary candidate

The war against IS has created immense, unmet reconstruction challenges - and reshuffled the electoral landscape in Iraq's second-largest city.

Q&A: Mohammed Rubaie, candidate on Hikma list

A member of Ammar al-Hakim's newly formed party says they are focusing on the youth vote while attempting to end the Dawa party's hold on the premiership.

Q&A: Saad Mutalabi, candidate on Nouri al-Maliki’s list

A member of the State of Law coalition says voters keen on improving the economy will help bring the former PM back to power.

Q&A: Mohammed Khurshid, head of KDP in Kirkuk

The KRG's ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party is trying to retain influence and win votes in Iraq's national elections despite losing control of key disputed territories.