After contracting debacle, Shahristani to head Electricity Ministry

Hussain al-Shahristani is reprising his role as acting electricity minister, after Ra'ad Shalal al-Ani resigned amidst controversy.
Minister of Oil Hussain al-Shahristani (L) and then-Minister of Electricity Karim Waheed Hasan (R) at a news conference with then-U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman in Washington, DC on July 26, 2006. Shahristani became acting electricity minister last summer after Hasan was forced out, and last week when the electricity minister resigned amidst a scandal. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

BAGHDAD - Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani has made his second annual summer pilgrimage to the Ministry of Electricity – an office again assigned to him on an acting basis after his predecessor was forced to resign.

"It is the same work I did summer last year, when we took over the Electricity Ministry in the hot weather and we were trying to put together the plans," Shahristani told journalists gathered for a fast-breaking Iftar dinner at his deputy premier's office in Adnan Palace in the Green Zone. "There is work that needs to be done and official letters need signatures."

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