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Akkas start-up showcases gas field’s potential — and pitfalls

Gas is now flowing to a nearby power plant, attracting renewed investor interest — but also highlighting ongoing technical, administrative, and security challenges.
Workers at the Akkas gas field in March 2023. (STAFF/Iraq Oil Report)

FALLUJAH - The Akkas gas field has started production, showing a hint of its potential and attracting serious interest from at least one international investor.

"This is the start of a promising future of prosperity if the field is assigned to a capable international company as is expected in the next bidding round," an engineer from the state-run Midland Oil Company (MdOC) told Iraq Oil Report.

Initial production from two wells is averaging about 30 million standard cubic feet per day (scf/d), according to two people involved in operations. The gas is feeding a nearby power plant, generating about 60 to 90 MW, according to an MdOC statement.

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