Beiji back up, repair will take months

Details of the attack are slowly coming out. The damage assessment looks grim, but the government is beefing up efforts amidst an investigation.
A U.S. soldier patrols the Beiji refinery Jan. 18, 2010. It's now under Iraqi control. (AYMAN OGHANNA/Iraq Oil Report)

BASRA - Insurgents who bombed Iraq's largest refinery early Saturday morning targeted specific locations on three crucial units, drastically reducing capacity for at least 45 days and perhaps as long as three months.

The Beiji refinery, in northern Salahaddin province and in an area once controlled by al-Qaida in Iraq, is taking in just 75,000 barrels per day (bpd) as of Monday, a top refinery official said – just one quarter of its nameplate capacity of 310,000 bpd.

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