Beyond the Headlines: March 12-18

  • Ex-OPEC ministers launch consultancy
  • Suleimaniya refinery salaries stolen
  • ENI accused of gold-plating
  • Missan calls for de-mining funds
Beyond the Headlines: March 12-18
Dhi Qar province security forces seize 10,000 liters of kerosene in 44 barrels hidden in a truck carrying boxes of tomatoes, at a checkpoint between Dawaya and Shatra districts northeast of Nassiriya. (STAFF/Iraq Oil Report)

Ex-OPEC ministers launch consultancy

BAGHDAD – Issam Chalabi was Oil Minister for three years under Saddam Hussein, retiring just after the invasion of Kuwait; Shokri Ghanem was Libya's Oil Minister for five years, defecting five months before the bloody end to Moammar Ghaddafi's rule. Together, they have formed a consultancy and think tank to put their experience to work.

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