Chicken farm explosion reveals oil smuggling racket

Investigators suspect members of the Badr Organization paramilitary group conducted a small but steady smuggling operation at a makeshift military base south of Kirkuk.
Chicken farm explosion reveals oil smuggling racket
The Jabal Bor production and gas oil separation stations of Kirkuk's Baba Dome on March 10, 2016. (KAMARAN AL-NAJAR/Iraq Oil Report)
  • Kirkuk judge is investigating
  • Badr officer implicated
  • Badr Organization denies directing the operation, vows internal investigation

SULAIMANIYA - Iraqi authorities are seeking the arrest of a Badr Organization paramilitary commander for allegedly overseeing a prolonged oil smuggling operation south of Kirkuk.

"The investigative judge of Kirkuk has issued a warrant for the person in charge of the Badr Organization in Taza sub-district, for his involvement in oil smuggling and the damage he has caused to the national economy," a security official in Kirkuk said.

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