Drone attack signals ongoing threat to Khor Mor

Friday's attack did not cause damage, but it did highlight unresolved security risks to a gas field responsible for most of Kurdistan's electricity feedstock.
An engineer looks out over gas processing facilities at the Khor Mor field, which is operated by the Emirati companies Crescent Petroleum and Dana Gas, in 2013. (JACOB RUSSELL/Iraq Oil Report/Metrography)

SULAIMANIYA - An improvised explosive device dropped from a drone struck the Khor Mor gas field in Iraqi Kurdistan on Friday but caused no damage or casualties, industry and government sources said.

A series of rocket attacks targeted the field in 2022 during a time of high political tension around negotiations to form a new government, but the attacks subsided after Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani took office in November in a deal that brought Iran-backed parties and Kurdistan's ruling parties into a governing coalition together. The drone attack comes days after KRG Prime Minister Masrur Barzani traveled to Baghdad to meet Sudani for talks on hot-button issues including the 2023 budget and disputes over Kurdistan’s oil sector.

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