Exxon pressing forward on KRG, Qurna deals

Despite demands by Baghdad that it forsake the north - and US government pressure to freeze operations - CEO Tillerson says Exxon is moving forward on all its deals.
ExxonMobil Vice President for Upstream Ventures Rick Vierbuchen (center left) and then-Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani (center right) sign a contract for the development of the West Qurna 1 field on Jan. 25, 2010. (BEN LANDO/Iraq Oil Report)

NEW YORK - Faced with an ultimatum from the Iraqi government - to decide between doing business with Baghdad or the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region - ExxonMobil has made its choice: both.

In recent weeks, as the Iraqi government has ratcheted up the pressure, sources say the U.S. government has also made efforts to broker a "freeze" on the Kurdistan deals.

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