UPDATE: Kirkuk-to-Iran exports stuck at the border

Tanker trucks have taken Kirkuk crude to Iran, eyewitnesses say, but Iraq's Oil Ministry claims the 60,000 bpd export deal is not yet active.
The Iraq-Iran border crossing at Parwezkhan in Diyala province, Nov. 6, 2013. (PATRICK OSGOOD/Iraq Oil Report)

KHANAQIN/BAGHDAD - A caravan of oil tankers is being held at the border between Iran and Iraq, as the two countries' oil ministries send mixed signals around the status of their agreement to truck Kirkuk crude to Iranian refineries.

“The first batch of exports consisted of 22 trucks," a senior border official said Wednesday. "Eleven trucks are stuck at the Iraqi side of the border. The other 11 trucks which had crossed into Iran have also been stopped inside Iranian territories.”

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