Janabi presses oil sector overhaul

Parliament's top oil policymaker outlined his vision for the oil sector, advocating for legislation that would check the Cabinet's power.
Parliament Oil and Energy Committee Chairman Adnan Janabi gives a press conference in Baghdad. (BEN VAN HEUVELEN/Iraq Oil Report)

ISTANBUL - The head of the Iraqi Parliament's energy committee outlined his plan for a fundamental reorganization of the country's oil sector, a strategy that would revise not only the Oil Ministry's production targets and timetables but also its basic role.

In his keynote address at the Iraq Future Energy conference here in Istanbul, Adnan Janabi gave the most detailed account yet of his prerogatives. Janabi has elevated the legislature's oil policy-making body to its most prominent role to date; any modernization of the oil sector will require new laws, all of which will have to pass through Janabi's committee.

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