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Kirkuk crude shut in despite export pipeline restart

Politics likely at play with Kurdistan in need of cash from fields under federal control and Baghdad exerting leverage in dispute over oil rights.
The Jabal Bor production and gas oil separation stations of Kirkuk's Baba Dome on March 10, 2016. (STAFF/Iraq Oil Report)

ERBIL/KIRKUK - Oil production under federal control in Kirkuk is likely being intentionally kept from export, days after the Iraq-Turkey Pipeline (ITP) reopened, in an escalation of the long-standing but ever-evolving dispute between Baghdad and Erbil over control of oil fields and revenues.

North Oil Company (NOC) officials have said a technical problem had shut-in flows into the ITP just hours after it started pumping on March 11, following a 23-day halt as the result of an alleged Turkish security operation in southeastern Turkey which exacerbated the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) fiscal crisis.

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