KRG financial blackout

The top auditor in the Iraqi government says he's not being allowed access to the KRG's oil and fuel receipts, in possible violation of UN resolutions on Iraq.
Trucks idle near the Bashmakh border crossing between Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran. Oil products have been ferried through such crossings – part of a Kurdish oil trade whose finances have remained opaque, despite the efforts of central government auditor Abdul Basit Turki Sayid, who requested not to be photographed for security reasons. (THIBAULD MALTERRE/AFP/Getty Images)

BAGHDAD - In his quest to untangle the financial aspect of the long-running oil dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Iraq’s top auditor says he has gotten no cooperation from Kurdish authorities.

The KRG refuses to provide oil contracts and receipts for oil and fuel produced and sold, according to Abdul Basit Turki Sayid, president of the Board of Supreme Audit (BSA), which is Iraq's long-standing fiduciary check on various ministries and other government entities. Without the KRG’s cooperation, the BSA cannot account for how much total revenue the state earned.

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