Luaibi to head Oil Ministry, Shahristani to DPM

According to early reports of a still-unfinished government formation process, Deputy Oil Minister Abdul Karim Luaibi will be oil minister.
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Al-Nujaifi (L) and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki hold a press conference in Baghdad Dec. 20, 2010, after Maliki presented part of his new government to Parliament. (AFP/Getty Images)

BAGHDAD - The planned Monday announcement of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's new government was scuttled by internal disputes with the Kurds, Sadrists, and the Iraqiya party, but several sources confirmed that Abdul Karim Luaibi, currently the deputy minister of oil, will ascend to the leadership of the Oil Ministry.

In a joint press conference, Maliki and Speaker of Parliament Usama al-Najaifi announced that the prime minister had submitted to the speaker roughly half of the nominees to run Iraq’s 42 ministries, some of whom were to serve as temporary or “acting” ministers. That partial list was also announced on state-run Iraqiya TV by State of Law MP Hassan al-Sinead, in an interview recorded earlier in the day but aired after Maliki and Najaifi’s press conference.

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