Power problems may continue through summer

The Electricity Ministry says long-term plans are on schedule to meet public need, though power protests in Kirkuk and extended blackouts in Baghdad raise the specter of worsening electricity shortages this summer.
Kirkuk Gov. Abdul-Rahman Mustafa (right) at the Taza Power Plant giving the orders Monday to stop feeding the national grid. (STAFF/Iraq Oil Report)

BAGHDAD - The Electricity Ministry is readying a public relations campaign to explain why the power situation will remain tenuous in the short term, including a possible decrease in supply during the summer.

The ministry will also unveil a schedule that will virtually equalize the power distributed through the provinces – a measure sparked by the Kirkuk governor, who earlier this week shut off the province’s connection to the national grid to protest that his constituents are bearing an unfair share of nationwide decreases in electrical supply.

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