Q&A: Adnan Janabi

An oil industry expert now chairs the Parliament's Oil and Energy Committee. Adnan Janabi talks about short-term priorities for key oil laws and relations between Baghdad and the KRG.
Q&A: Adnan Janabi
Adnan Janabi, the head of Parliament's oil and energy committee, briefs the press on February 23, 2011 in Baghdad. (BEN VAN HEUVELEN/Iraq Oil Report)

As the head of Parliament’s new Oil and Energy Committee, Adnan Janabi is taking responsibility for pushing forward the long-delayed legislation that will govern Iraq’s oil sector.

Before the 2010 national election, Janabi was mentioned as a possible candidate for oil minister. He was an early player in the post-2003 Iraqi government formation process, serving as a minister of state during Ayad Allawi's tenure as prime minister.

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