Q&A: Baz Karim, president of KAR Group

The most strategically important energy firm in Kurdistan, KAR manages the majority of the region's production and refining capacity, and its export pipeline.
Baz Karim, President and CEO of Kar Group, at the Kalak refinery in Erbil, Iraq. (SEBASTIAN MEYER/Metrography/Iraq Oil Report)

LONDON - Baz Karim, the president of KAR Group, manages many of the most important oil assets controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and functions as one of the most consequential actors in Iraq's energy sector.

KAR operates three oil fields, all of which are expanding production; it owns a refinery complex that has recently added capacity; and it plans to increase oil flow through the export pipeline it built, which it also owns and operates. Those projects are laden with political significance.

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