Q&A: Judge Jasem Mohammad Abbood, head of the Federal Supreme Court

Judge Abbood discusses the legal reach of the court following the ruling invalidating the KRG’s oil deals, the disputed legal status of the Iraqi National Oil Company, and legal challenges to changing the dinar exchange rate.
Courtesy of the office of Judge Jasem Mohammad Abbood

BAGHDAD - A landmark Feb. 15 ruling by Iraq’s Federal Supreme Court that declared the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region’s oil and gas sector illegal has sown deep uncertainty in the energy sector and deepened rifts between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and federal government.

While the newly-reconstituted Iraqi National Oil Company (INOC) in Baghdad has begun taking steps to implement the ruling, the KRG has not sent officials to negotiate with federal counterparts. Erbil appears to want to engage in political negotiations that preserve the Kurdistan region’s oil sector independence.

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