Q&A: Yousif Mohammed, Gorran’s leader in Sulaimaniya

The former KRG Parliament Speaker, once banned from Erbil, predicts a strong party showing but difficulties aligning with other Kurdish parties after next month's election.
Q&A: Yousif Mohammed, Gorran’s leader in Sulaimaniya
Yousif Mohammed, the head of the Gorran bloc in Sulaimaniya, on April 8, 2018. (SAMYA KULLAB/Iraq Oil Report)

SULAIMANIYA - The Gorran Movement entered Iraq's political scene nine years ago, challenging the Kurdistan Regional Government's [KRG] political status quo, and winning a significant number of seats in subsequent regional and national elections.

But its two core issues at the time of its inception -- increasing transparency and ending nepotism -- remain the focal point of Gorran's message to voters.

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