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Rising insurgency hits Diyala, despite security efforts

In territory that was ostensibly liberated two years ago, security forces, civilians, and energy infrastructure have become regular targets of an intensifying IS guerrilla war.
Iraqi paramilitary forces pose for photos in front of a dead militant after raiding an IS weapons cache in al-Hadeed village, northwest of Diyala's provincial capital of Baquba, on June 5, 2017. (STAFF/Iraq Oil Report)
  • Significant uptick in past four days
  • IS safe havens in rural and mountainous areas from Tuz Khurmatu to Naftkhana
  • Proximity to Baghdad concerns security officials
  • Hamrin field wellheads and electricity towers frequent targets

BAQUBA - Militants in Diyala province have launched a spate of deadly attacks targeting government and security officials, civilians, and energy infrastructure - a sign that heightened security efforts in the area have had little success at quelling a rising insurgency.

In the past four days, Diyala has suffered two suicide bombings, two kidnappings, an IED attack on a Peshmerga convoy, and the destruction of several electricity towers.

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