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Rivers of crude spill from IS smuggling operation

IS militants are still stealing oil from wellheads in the mountains of Salahaddin province - in the process, unleashing a flood of oil that flows for miles.
A river of crude flows near al-Moabidi village, about 20 kilometers northeast of Tikrit, in August 2017. (STAFF/Iraq Oil Report)

KIRKUK - Militants from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) are continuing to steal oil from Iraqi fields in the mountains of Salahaddin province, in a primitive operation that has created a massive oil spill covering thousands of acres.

More than two years after government forces launched an effort to secure the area, IS militants still control about 75 percent of the Alas Dome - one of the three formations that compose the Hamrin field - according to an official from the state-run North Oil Company (NOC).

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