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Violence escalates in protest clashes

Dozens were killed when Iraqi security forces cracked down on demonstrations and armed protesters fought back, sparking sectarian resentment and bloodshed across the country.
Iraqi troops travel in military vehicles towards Hawija, near Kirkuk, on April 23, 2013, in response to armed clashes between protesters and security forces. (SAAD SHALASH/Reuters)

KIRKUK - Armed fighting among Iraqi security forces, protesters and alleged insurgents in Hawija, near Kirkuk, killed more than 50 people on Tuesday, enflaming sectarian resentments and stoking violence in other Sunni-majority areas around the country.

Fighting also broke out on Tuesday in Anbar province, where security forces attempted to disband a protest. Gunmen opened fire and attacked several police and army positions. Security forces also battled alleged insurgents in Sleman Beg, in Salahaddin province.

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