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Every Friday, Iraq Oil Report publishes a recap of the week that was in Iraq. Each newsletter includes a selection of the most important stories from the past week, as chosen by our editors. The Iraq Bureau Chief, Ben Lando, also provides his own commentary on the week that was and a preview of the week to come.

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  Weekly Edition - June 25, 2010 (2.3 MiB)
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  • Electricity minister resigns, Shahristani given temporary power portfolio
    Amid a heat wave of protests and politics, the resigning electricity minister’s portfolio will go to the oil minister, though electricity officials deny the hand-over will take place.
  • Power shortages provoke violent protests
    One protestor was killed and others injured as Iraq’s political and electricity problems come to a head.
  • Interview: Zalmay Khalilzad’s take on Iraq, Part 2
    Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq addresses the criticism he's received for attempting to enter Iraq's oil sector.

  Weekly Edition - June 19, 2010 (1.7 MiB)
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  • Khalilzad joins board of DNO, steps into Baghdad-Kurdistan dispute
    Former American ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan and the UN is elected to board of Norwegian firm, the biggest producer in Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • From diplomat to oilman: Khalilzad returns to Iraq
    Khalilzad has officially landed in the Iraqi oil patch in a controversial move that complicates Arab-Kurd relations and appears to undercut the American policy he once promoted.
  • Interview: Zalmay Khalilzad’s take on Iraq
    The former top U.S. diplomat talks with Iraq Oil Report about his new consulting firm, investment opportunities in Iraq, and the ongoing disagreements between Kurdistan and Baghdad.
  • Low tide for Iraq’s hydropower plants
    Facing reduced flow in Iraq's largest rivers, the Electricity Ministry is giving up on hydroelectric power and planning for gas turbines to help overcome the country’s electricity shortages.
  • Former prison Bucca may become oil hub
    Massive compound that once held 24,000 people could serve as logistics hub for companies when southern oil development takes off.

  Weekly Edition - June 11, 2010 (1.2 MiB)
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  • Northern pipeline hard hit by bomb attack and smugglers
    Despite ongoing efforts to improve security, Iraq's northern oil export pipeline is still suffering from attacks and well organized smuggling operations.
  • Southern marsh dwellers denounce oil plans
    The marshes of southern Iraq are the staging ground for a contentious battle between residents and oil stakeholders over the fate of the fragile and oil-rich ecosystem.
  • No hope for an ancient homeland
    Many residents of southern Iraq's marshes worry that their way of life will end when new oil production begins in the coming years.
  • Baghdadis forced to abandon homes near pipeline
    A group of Baghdad residents forced to leave the homes they built over an oil pipeline are crying foul. The Iraqi government says the move is for their own good.

  Weekly Edition - June 4, 2010 (1.4 MiB)
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  • Tribal demands, alleged extortion stall oil development
    International and Iraqi state companies say tribes in Dhi Qar province are making demands and threats that amount to extortion.
  • Anbar, central governments poised for fight over Akkas
    The western province wants the prospective gas field to be fed directly to local refineries and power plants, allowing exports only of refined products. Or else.
  • Interview: Anbar’s power play
    Anbar Gov. Qasim Abid talks about building whole new cities, taking on the insurgents who blew off his arm, and opposing Baghdad's plans to export natural gas from the province.
  • Iraqi explorers plan to ride wave of oil sector expansion
    The head of Iraq's Oil Exploration Company is looking to partner with foreign firms to play a major role in the country's oil development.

  Weekly Edition - May 28, 2010 (1.7 MiB)
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  • Iraq considers natural gas and oil ties to Iran
    Pipelines to and from Iran seen as way to ease fuel demands for power plants and diversify oil export options.
  • IOCs, diplomats tout foreign investment in Iraq oil boom
    Tour of Rumaila field organized by UK and US embassies intended to show support for Iraq plan to massively boost oil exports, overcome obstacles.
  • Infrastructure plagues Iraq oil exports
    Low storage capacity, old field technology and vulnerability to weather continue to wreak havoc on Iraq's oil exports, as production increase looms.
  • Private fuel sellers protest profit caps
    Fuel dealers decry Oil Ministry policy restricting retail prices and limiting profits.
  • Planning Ministry agenda vague, rely on oil
    A new 5-year plan for economic and social development in Iraq offers little details, but relies on oil exports to double and fund projects that will only succeed if security improves.
  • Power plans confront fuel, infrastructure problems
    Iraq's deputy electricity minister explains to Iraq Oil Report how a recent drop in capacity highlights the struggles and (soon-to-be) success of power sector development.

  Weekly Edition - May 21, 2010 (1.5 MiB)
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  • Cabinet OK's KRG payments
    Statement from government doesn't disclose numbers, but says Finance Ministry to start audit of companies to determine payments.
  • Weapons find near oil field worries jumpy south
    Initial report that weapons were found on a key oil field spread concerns of threats to massive planned investment, though industry official says it is used to operating in tough places.
  • CNOOC, TPAO sign contract for Missan fields
    Twelfth contract signed with foreign firms since 2008 will push production capacity to more than 12.5 million bpd within seven years, boosting Missan province's oil standing. And more deals may be in the pipeline.
  • Iran envoy says no demands for reparations in Iraqi oil
    Despite statements by a prominent Iranian oil official, Tehran has not hardened its policy on border oil fields and negotiations with Iraq are continuing.
  • Ministry symposium to address oil challenges
    Oil Ministry looks to face challenges of reaching 12.5 million bpd by bringing together its staff, other ministries, and officials from international oil companies.

  Weekly Edition - May 14, 2010 (763.3 KiB)
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  • Chinese, Turkish companies to ink Missan oil fields contract Monday
    Iraqi Oil Ministry to sign contract for fields offered in June 2009 auction after months of negotiations.
  • Allawi: oil deals should be honored but reviewed, altered
    Ex-PM Allawi, leader of the top vote-getting Iraqiya list in the disputed March national elections, rails on an absence of clear policy on oil issues in sit-down with Iraq Oil Report.
  • Iraq steps ups efforts to lure investors to refineries
    May 29 conference for four big refinery projects could more than make up for current fuel demand, leaving foreign investors the option to export the product.
  • U.S. continues protection of Iraq's oil dollars from foreign claims
    Obama administration extends Iraq immunity from creditors in continuation of 2003 policy. Companies and countries claim Iraq owes billions in unpaid debt and damages from Saddam Hussein era.
  • Dhi Qar officials: Petronas too slow in Garraf
    Political and energy officials in province express impatience, make plans for expected oil revenue increase, and seek rural access to electricity, after visit to Malaysia.

  Weekly Edition - May 7, 2010 (1.7 MiB)
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  • Iraq to auction three gas fields Sept. 1
    Forty-five foreign oil companies eligible to bid on three gas fields and jump-start Iraq's massive but under-performing natural gas industry. Minister says 2009 oil auctions a model for Iraq and the region.
  • Ex-MP vows to continue Rumaila challenge
    Lawsuit to topple BP and CNPC's oil deal will continue, as former member of parliament sets to kick off major fundraising campaign and claims allegiance of top Maliki opponents.
  • Sweeter deals for private refinery investments
    Iraq has had no takers on crude price and other discounts offered in a 2007 law aimed to get private investors to build new refineries.
  • Baghdad-KRG agreement closer but not reached
    Kurdistan oil minister discounts Shahristani statement as old news, temporary agreement; says agreement to pay the contractors means nothing until finance ministry and cabinet approve plan.
  • Investors face more risks than mere violence
    While overall violence in Iraq is at 2004 levels, there is an outstanding – and growing – risk to investors who will operate in a country that remains high in human rights abuses.

  Weekly Edition - April 29, 2010 (1.7 MiB)
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  • Court: $250K to continue Rumaila lawsuit
    A former member of Parliament must pay more than a quarter million dollars or her groundbreaking lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Iraq’s first major foreign oil contract will be dismissed.
  • North oil exports resume amid uncertainty
    It took only four days for the oil ministry to repair the bombed pipeline near Mosul. While the number of energy-sector attacks has dropped in recent months, technicians could be busy if violence escalates as it threatens to.
  • Chinese, Iraqi officials make plans for oil airport
    Officials from CNPC and the Iraqi Army based in Missan province are looking to turn a military airstrip into a commercial and cargo hub. The project has received local support and the approval from the provincial governor.
  • Ministry transfers leaders of Basra refinery protest to Baghdad
    Workers say the oil ministry is retaliating against unions for protesting after failed negotiations. The ministry says it is acting to prevent unruly demonstrations.

  Weekly Edition - April 16, 2010 (1.8 MiB)
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  • Third auction: Iraq will put three gas fields on the block
    Iraq aims to make push toward natural gas superpower with planned tender of three gas fields previously offered to and passed over by foreign firms.
  • KRG-Baghdad oil talks advance
    Top deputies and technocrats from Baghdad spent time in Erbil this week hashing out the technical framework for progress if a political deal between the central and regional government is reached.
  • Iraq gets better terms on two major deals
    Oil Ministry converts larger loan from Exxon and Eni to smaller non-refundable signing bonus. It also received funding from the government to start a fourth state oil company.

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