Custom Research

When clients need reliable ground-level information to make informed decisions about investing and operating in Iraq, they turn to our network of researchers and analysts. Our team of two dozen researchers has daily interactions with national and local government officials, foreign and local business leaders, and key communities throughout Iraq's provinces. Our seasoned analysts answer your questions and give you strategic insight into Iraq's most important sectors.

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Custom Research Projects Include:

The Essential Guide for Foreign Investment

This comprehensive introduction to doing business in Iraq is for companies looking to enter the country. With this report on the political, economic, social, legal, and security environments, clients gain the broad understanding of Iraq required for successful investment.


IOR's on-the-ground researchers regularly collect unbiased data, complete anonymous surveys and poll local communities in all of Iraq's provinces. Clients can commission customized surveys on topics relevant to their businesses.

Beyond the Headlines

Overviews and analysis of political, economic, social and security news not available in the mainstream media, from key provinces and industries. Available on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Infrastructure Review

Detailed information and data on specific locations, such as power stations, roads and refineries. Includes photos, technical information, and interviews with government officials.

Energy Security Review

A report highlighting attacks and threats to Iraq's oil, gas, and power sectors, as well as political and social dynamics affecting energy infrastructure and investment. Includes surveys, data, and statistics.

Local Supplier Market Research

Provides assessments of the supplier market in provinces throughout Iraq, as well as overviews of individual local companies operating in these markets.

Local Media Monitoring

Stay abreast of the local Arabic media in Iraq, with translation and analysis of stories relevant to your areas and sectors of interest.

Investment in Kurdistan

Since Kurdistan operates semi-independently from Baghdad, this report gives an overview of the region's unique investment landscape.

Ministry and Regulatory Overview

Navigate the Iraqi bureaucracies essential to your business. Our analysts give an overview of policies, procedures, and organizational structures; provide details on existing and anticipated laws and regulations; and identify key ministry and local government officials.

Stakeholder Engagement Reports

With this report, clients learn how to win the support of communities in their areas of operation. Learn about province-level issues -- including political dynamics, economic concerns, security problems, social tensions -- and find opportunities for positive engagement.

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