Detailed updates from Islamic State militant-held areas of Ninewa province gathered by Iraq Oil Report's network of reporters and contacts.

Inside Mosul: Feb. 22, 2017

  • Combined airstrike and artillery attacks hit IS positions on Right Bank in preparation for new ground offensive
  • Iraqi forces liberate Haraqat area southwest of Mosul, former home to many makeshift IS oil refineries
  • Kataib al-Mosul assassinate IS militants in two incidents
  • RRD unit foils attempted suicide attack in liberated Left Bank

Inside Mosul: Feb. 21, 2017

  • IS militants hit liberated areas with artillery and explosives dropped from drones
  • Airstrikes kill over two dozen IS fighters in three Right Bank locations
  • Iraqi forces continue attacks on IS positions at Mosul airport
  • Preparing to defend Tal al-Ruman neighborhood, IS militants commandeer civilian houses

Inside Mosul: Feb. 20, 2017

  • Muslawi IS fighters rally in Tal al-Ruman neighborhood for last stand
  • IS militants dig trenches to channel invading Iraqi forces into hidden IED traps
  • Intense airstrikes hit IS positions in eight Right Bank neighborhoods
  • Hashid forces cut road between Mosul and Tal Afar
  • Iraqi forces advance on Mosul from south and southwest

Inside Mosul: Feb. 19, 2017

  • IS builds dirt berms on Right Bank to divert Iraqi forces
  • Airstrikes and ground forces engage IS militants south of Mosul
  • IS militants execute deserters from Tal Afar
  • Iraqi forces declare curfew in Left Bank neighborhoods following IS attacks

Inside Mosul: Feb. 18, 2017

  • Iraqi military deploys floating bridges to Tigris River
  • IS militants launch offensive in attempt to break Hashid lines west of Mosul
  • IS militants on Right Bank kill civilians trying to escape and launch deadly artillery and drone attacks on liberated areas
  • Airstrikes hit IS positions on Right Bank

Inside Mosul: Feb. 16, 2017

  • IS militants withhold food supplies in scheme to blackmail Right Bank residents into enlisting
  • IS militants burn courts and archive building on Right Bank to destroy administrative records
  • Dozens of IS militants die in an unusually intense wave of airstrikes
  • 14-year-old boy arrested on Left Bank after failing to detonate suicide vest

Inside Mosul: Feb. 15, 2017

  • Several airstrikes hit IS positions on the Right Bank, killing more than 40 militants
  • Hashid militiamen manning checkpoints north of Mosul detained civilians trying to enter the city
  • IS suicide bomber detonates in a market in Zahra neighborhood, killing 10 civilians
  • IS militants conscripted 15 medical students in Mosul, forcing them to man improvised field hospitals in Tal Afar

Inside Mosul: Feb. 14, 2017

  • Airstrike kills senior IS intelligence leader
  • IS militants evacuate Right Bank operational centers due to heavy airstrikes
  • Iraqi intelligence units discover several IS weapons stores on liberated Left Bank
  • Drone operated by IS drops bomb near hospital, killing two civilians

Inside Mosul: Feb. 13, 2017

  • Hashid forces repel IS counter-attack aimed at breaking siege on al-Bahaj district
  • IS militants kill at least 29 civilians in several mortar, drone, and suicide attacks on liberated areas
  • Iraqi forces conduct security sweeps in liberated areas, arresting suspected IS militants
  • IS militants plant IEDs in preparation for defense of Right Bank

Inside Mosul: Feb. 12, 2017

  • IS continues hitting civilian areas with mortar fire and explosive-laden drones, killing at least a dozen people
  • IS militants put up stiff defense of Geba water treatment plant
  • Airstrikes continue to pummel IS positions in Right Bank
  • Air strikes and Hashid ground forces hit IS positions near Tal Afar

Inside Mosul: Feb. 11, 2017

  • Iraqi forces impose curfew on liberated Left Bank amidst IS suicide and drone bombings
  • Airstrikes on Right Bank intensify, signaling preparation for next phase of Mosul offensive
  • Kataib al-Mosul operatives stab senior IS official to death
  • Civilians in IS-occupited Right Bank continue to suffer from starvation

Inside Mosul: Feb. 9, 2017

  • IS militants execute 13 civilians for trying to flee Right Bank
  • Amidst sweeps on Left Bank, Iraqi military interdicts two cells of IS militants and discovers ammunitions cache
  • IS-operated drones drop explosive rounds on civilians and police in liberated neighborhoods
  • Airstrikes hit IS gathering in Um al-Zanabir, west of Tal Afar

Inside Mosul: Feb. 8, 2017

  • IS executes several civilians found with cell phones during raids in New Mosul
  • IS executes civilians fleeing Right Bank, hangs corpses on bridge
  • Children are dying from starvation and malnutrition on Right Bank
  • Wave of airstrikes hit IS positions, kill several named senior militants

Inside Mosul: Feb. 7, 2017

  • IS-operated drone hits elementary school with explosives, killing six children
  • Iraqi forces continue sweeping liberated areas for IS sleeper cells
  • Several airstrikes on different Right Bank targets kill more than three dozen IS militants
  • IS militants continue killing civilians and shelling liberated areas

Inside Mosul: Feb. 6, 2017

  • IS militants hide fuel stores on Right Bank, fearing theft by residents and airstrikes
  • Airstrikes hit several Right Bank targets, destroying VBIEDs and killing IS officers
  • Iraqi forces sweep liberated areas for IS sleeper cells, make arrests
  • IS executes civilians for attempting to escape and uses drones to drop explosives on civilians in liberated areas

Inside Mosul: Feb. 5, 2017

  • 9th Division shells Mosul corniche ahead of planned assault on Right Bank
  • Curfew imposed in Bakr and Akhaa neighborhoods as Iraqi forces arrest IS suspects
  • Mortar strike kills family in Jazair neighborhood
  • Airstrikes kill IS militants at Mosul airport, Ghazlani base
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