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Still no Iraqi spring in sight

Reidar Visser writes on Iraq and Gulf Analysis:

With the approaching one-year anniversary of the first tentative Arab Spring demonstrations around Iraq (25 February), Iraqi politicians appear unhurried and unworried.

Maybe lackadaisical is a better term? Iraqi leaders certainly seem to be “lacking in life, spirit or zest” these days.

Yesterday saw yet another preparatory conference designed to reach agreement on the forthcoming and much anticipated “national conference” which will address problems inside the current cabinet that the cabinet members themselves cannot solve. It turned to be yet another pre-preparatory conference: Essentially nothing was agreed.

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Iraqiya returns to Cabinet

Barbara Surk reports for the Associated Press:

An official from Iraq's Sunni-backed bloc says its ministers have ended their boycott of the Cabinet, a move that could restore some stability to the war-ravaged nation.

Iraqiya spokeswoman Maysoun al-Damlouji says the overwhelmingly Sunni bloc's ministers will attend Tuesday's session of the Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Cabinet.

The decision comes after weeks of boycott over the government's arrest warrant against the country's top Sunni official.

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Iraq to ask US for Iran sanctions waiver

W.G. Dunlop reports for AFP:

American sanctions on Iran pose difficulties for Iraq because of its close economic ties with the Islamic republic, so Baghdad plans to seek a waiver from the US, the government spokesman told AFP.

"We have a huge relation financially between the private sectors" of "Iraq and Iran, as Iran is the main supplier for many of the foodstuff and the other commodities here in Iraq," spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in an interview in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone.

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Another Iraqiya MP faces charges

Barbara Surk reports for the Associated Press:

Iraq's Shiite-led government wants to bring charges against a member of the Sunni-backed bloc, the lawmaker said Monday, the latest step in a political crisis that erupted just after the U.S. completed its military withdrawal from the violence-wracked nation.

Iraqiya parliamentarian Haidar al-Mulla said he was informed that prosecutors were seeking to charge him for insulting the country's judiciary by publicly questioning its independence from the Shiite-led government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

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Gunmen kill Iraqi security officer

Bushra Juhi reports for the Associated Press:

Authorities say gunmen have killed an Interior Ministry official in a drive-by shooting in central Baghdad.

Police say the official was driving through the Iraqi capital Sunday when the gunmen pulled up alongside his vehicle and shot him.

A medic at Baghdad's al-Kindi hospital confirmed the death.

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Four soldiers dead in Mosul blast

Rezan Ahmed reports for AKnews:

Four Iraqi soldiers were killed today after a home made bomb struck a military vehicle in Mosul city.

Nineveh Operations Command police reported that the improvised explosive device was placed on a roadside in the al-Hadba neighborhood.

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Diyala-Iran border crossing re-opens

Bryar Mohammed reports for AKnews:

The Mundhariya (Parvizkhan) border point opens today, after being closed by Iran after recent public protest and violence in Diyala.

The crossing point, popular with traders and Iranian worshippers visiting holy Shiite sites in Iraq, was closed shortly after the Diyala Provincial Council demanded regional autonomy, last year on December 12.

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Iraqiya officially ends Cabinet boycott

Haider Ibrahim reports for AKnews:

Iraqiya List has ended its boycott of the Council of Ministers following party talks yesterday.

Iraqiya member Hamid al-Mutlaq said the party made the decision due to the goodwill of fellow political parties to resolve the ongoing disputes.

"The return of the President of the Republic to Iraq [Jalal Talabani] and adopting the convergence of views between the political parties encouraged us to take the decision," said Mutlaq.

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Two policemen dead after mosque attack

Rezan Ahmed reports for AKnews:

An attack outside a Mosul city mosque left 2 policemen dead and 3 worshipers injured.

The armed gunmen, who are believed to be insurgents, clashed with the police outside Abu Bakir al-Siddiq Mosque, with worshipers caught in the cross fire.

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Iraqiya denies nomination of new Diyala gov.

Mahmoud al-Jabbouri reports for AKnews:

The Iraqiya List in Diyala province has denied reports about the nomination of a new governor to replace Abdul Nasser al-Mahdawi.

The head of the Iraqiya bloc in Diyala Amer al-Karkhi said that such a procedure would need to be formally requested by the current governor Mahdawi and submitted to the council.

Mahdawi is currently still in office, though he has not gone to work since his house was burnt down. The residence was torched in December after the council officially demanded regional autonomy.

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